Progression Rate Improvements Coming to War Dragons


Will it be adjusted each new tier or was it a one time thing?




Whatever it was, it was crap :joy:


PG said that new tier will be released during Winterjól season (and new max lvl for towers too I suppose). Does it mean that progression rate improvements will be updated too?


Correct me if I’m wrong but towers didnt scale the last time they added more did they? If not they are already behind on their scaling.


No scaling after tower 55s, its about time when new tier come to scale till 65s.


They haven’t released a new tier of dragons + towers since scaling went into effect. They added the second half of the same tiers towers


I guess I had assumed that when 5 new tower levels came out 5 more would get discounted. I’m assuming because they went to 10 tower levels per tier they arent doing things that way?


there is not such official statement however I do agree with the fact that the scaling should be progressive with the new tiers/towers added x tier .


They kind of vaguely spoke about it but yes you are correct nothing truly says that when new levels come out others will become discounted just that they will monitor progression and balance.


@Arelyna can we get clarification on whether Progression scaling will be extended when the new dragon tier is released or whether it’s been discussed?


If it were to scale after the new tier release, would it be something like -

Harbinger - 10%
Obsidian - 20%
Emerald / Garnet / Saphire / Platinum - 30% ? :thinking:


I would imagine platinum will no longer be discounted since gold isn’t.


I’d be more inclined to have 10 - 10 - 20 - 30 down to Plat. Keeps top few more difficult.

Plat must stay as it was start of adjustment to help previous Sapp wall. Take plat discount out and Sapp wall is back.


This is my thought as well


Ok maybe. Sooo then just keep everything how it is and just add 10% to the next tier up?


Nah, figure out how many tiers they want to ramp scaling on and then cap discount at 30% back to plat. In other words choose how many 10’s they want and then ramp from there. Don’t think just 3 tiers is much of a top players area. Edit: actually 10-20-30 makes only 2 tiers top players area, the 10 and 20. N-2, N-3, N-4 type stuff.


To my understanding we are at an N-2 scheme for parent side discounts. These numbers reflect which parents have the discount. N is always the latest tier.

N - 0%
N-1: 0%
N-2: 10%
N-3: 20%
N-4: 30%
N-x: 30% til platinum

Basically everything shifts to the right one step and they add another 30% to the left


All this future scaling also depends on how they scale base numbers. If scaled right no scaling should be needed unless they actually say they want to implement a catch up mechanic.
I don’t believe current improvements/discounts are meant to be a catch up, but only a correction, another bandaid, to the Sapp-Emerald wall.


Well, they can’t put auto scaling into the base numbers or there still won’t be any catch up mechanisms as they release other tiers.

The only way to include new tiers while still including a catch up mechanisms that follows the tier releases is with rolling discounts on similar base figures.

We want the new tiers to be hard to get through, but it easier to get somewhat close to this tier