Progression Rate Improvements Coming to War Dragons


What we want and get are different a lot, but we still hope.


The 300 wall boils down to timers. If the xp between base levels can’t be changed, why not slash the construction time for towers that correspond with those levels? It should be an easy fix then …


Why did they do N-2 instead of N-1 starting at 10% with 5% increments (or whatever). Example:

N - 0%
N-1 - 10%
N-2 - 15%
N-3 - 20%
N-4 - 25%
N-x - 30% down to platinum

I don’t know, was there something really terrible about doing N-1? Also. I know people keep saying that the game is balanced below platinum…but is it really? What makes it balanced? None of those dragons are useful for live bases; around the level flaks are unlocked is when lineages become utterly useless (and most are useless anyway). Although I guess this is the problem with all lineage dragons that aren’t end-game. Anyway, not saying they should be free, just curious what the metric for costs being balanced through gold are?

Also, why is the 300+ wall such an issue for them to address? Somehow they were able to scale the xp required to insanity, but can’t reduce it? Can’t reduce construction costs? What, exactly, is the hold up on this? I know it’s a multi-faceted problem, but we’ve seen 0 movement on it except to say they’re working on it. Considering all the super stellar changes so far for 2019, I’m not inclined to be generous with whatever that means.


They are doing N-2 because they apply the discount to the PARENT, not the child.


Yes, this part I understand. But why? Was it just easier?


Because if they did N-1 with parents then brand new dragons would be discounted?

I put my thoughts forward on the other way, and in the end this is the way they did it. Perhaps ease, perhaps because they had already headed down one path before asking “hey what do you guys think about this?”


No no, sorry, I mean why did they do with parents instead of the child (or the tier). :sweat_smile:


Well this way allows us to continue getting builder hut eggs through normal breeding

Edit actually that might be incorrect but now my brain is hurting from thinking about it


Because a pair of parents can have many tiered children.
It will make calculating egg token (set of 20) becomes much harder.


Nah my method was just discounting the number of fragments each dragon required. No other changes.

AKA if it used to be 1000, then got a 30% discount it would be 700 fragments.


You’re looking for a catch up mechanic which I don’t think progression rate improvements were. This was just a reduction of the Sapp to Emerald wall.


AKA progression improvement for people below the sapphire wall




Then they did a crappy job at a catch up mechanic as this and many other recent improvements are just bandaid fixes to problems. Edit: Luffy so did I

Edit: A catch up mechanic is lvl 1 through an amount below top, this didn’t start at lvl 1.


i found it very useful :tipping_hand_man:


No. A catch up mechanic shortens the duration between time/place A and time/place B.

The method of catch up differs depending on desired result.


:thinking: Haven’t found anyone else mentioning this…


I will agree, my bad.


Your opinion how long an average player to lvl 108?
Edit: I should specify average, E2P gold-plat league no Atlas.
1 to 1.5 year?

This will be between 3.04 and 3.79 years of speed ups in defense towers alone, not including base buildings that don’t give XP.


Well L1 - L108 is 2045 days of speedups including all towers, farms, and main island buildings. Prior to research of course, so that is the top end of things.

As to how long it takes, i played my alt for ~3 months and hit L65 with barely any activity. It was in Gold 5, no Atlas rewards, and i logged in 1-2 times per week. That is 800 days worth of speedups before research.

If someone took over 1 year to get to L108 i’d be a bit surprised to be honest.