Progression Rate Improvements Coming to War Dragons


Agreed, my alt is going to be 140 come fort event and it’s 11 months old, and I don’t even log in every day, barely do xp runs, barely do events except breed and fort. A good breeding path and a good base design does wonders.


My wife only has Elite about half the time, and she is close to 200 in less than a year of playing. She does have Atlas though, so plenty of 1 hr timers. But zero spending at all.


So we going with 6 months then?

6 months of gameplay to then reach this catch up mechanic which smoothed out the Sapp to Emerald wall to lvls it should have been in first place.

What I’m saying is I see no progression improvement vs what it should have been to start with, hence no catch up. This is why I say with a game like this if they want a catch up mechanic it should start at lvl 1 lowering 6 months to say 5 or so (edit: can’t lower to much as players need to learn the game… guess they could technically still be learning into Plat with no ill effects :man_shrugging:) and then Sapp plus would be quickened above its current rate.

I talk funny so trying my best to say this in an understanding way…

  1. Original progression had Sapp plus wall
  2. These improvements started at Sapp to lessen wall
  3. Progression at correct rate it should have been at start

Conclusion no catch up mechanic is implemented, only a correction to a problem.


The progression until plat wasn’t bad. The 30% reduction starts in Plat. I heard about the sapphire wall a lot and they implemented the reduction after I got my first sapphire breeding, I tell you that from then to now (emerald), it was pretty smooth


No level catch up is required from L1-108.
You progress fast enough, you don’t want to progress TOO FAST in this learning stage of the game.

The catch up mechanism is after the learning stage so to speak. This has been reduced


The game actually goes fairly quickly up until you hit sapphire. Only hiccup I ever had was getting my double gold legendaries. That’s the only thing that needs adjusting in the early game imo.


Agree to all that up until Sapp it was fine, hence me saying lvls are at correct progression lvls after improvements fixed problem of Sapp wall.

But for a catch up mechanic the progression should be faster than fine levels. Someone please see my point… :pensive:


I get what you are saying. But for Mecch’s point, this is a complex game and there is a learning curve to go through. Ideally the level progression goes in parallel to the learning curve.


Very much agree you notice my edit to the post above saying this?


You are trying to say that this progression rate has been implemented to fix the sapphire breeding token issues.
We fucking get it.

However, you also state the no catch up mechanism is implemented. Take a L1-L200 example. The first 108 levels aren’t adjusted, the last 92 levels have been. So therefore the entire scale has been shrunk down. The % it has shrunk overall changes based on how far along you are. BUT THERE IS A CATCH UP MECHANISM.


How is this not just a fix to the wall problem that was original progression? Then making current progression the right progression but not a faster than right progression?

With the bold are we talking GPF knowledge that new tiers will start an actual catch up for the future?


Have you ever calculated properly on how many token required to get past each tier?


Reds paths have a total so easily calced, go on.


I think the timing depends in part on what kind of a team you are on and how quickly you discover the forums/YouTube material, etc.


I started mid fall 2017 I’m currently level 246 with minimal spending. Elite and a pack here and there so I dont think pre 300 is an extremely huge issue personally atleast not for me anyway. Then again I normally play 4ish hours a night. I am currently low on timers but I haven’t been pushing very hard this season either not like I did last season. I’ve intentionally slowed my progression for the moment while I catch breeding back up.


1-108 is not even close to a year of time spent on the game… I’m level 103 in about 5 months or so. Started near the beginning of duskfall season and I don’t even have an elite account or spend any amount of money on this game. It depends on how much you play and how effective you are at playing the game.


6 months fits you perfectly then.


Also just for the record it only takes ~5700 days to get to L200 without any research. (4550 with typical cheap research)

Based on what we see above, does anyone have an estimate for how many years would a typical person take to get here, in gold, without atlas, and without spending?


If I had the time I’d take that challenge and do it myself. I would assume under those conditions it would take a year to a year and a half.


I see where you’re going, loose the heat Mech, please.
Respond to the above part if you could?