Progression Times

If I am Level 49 with most of the Green Dragons and no Gold Dragons how long will it take me to progress to Sapphire and then Garnet? I ask because I have the Sapphire stone for Cavaleris and am torn as to whether I should work to Garnet for him.

Hope you’ve heard of the sapphire wall. If you are in green, you’re probably looking at 6+ months to get to sapphire. Getting through sapphire is another 6+ months itself. Same moving from garnet to emerald. Fun times.

Welcome to PG “progression”.

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  1. How much do you usually spend?
  2. How much are you willing to spend?
  3. How active are you?
  4. In which League are you?

Depends on your answer on these…


and are you willing to do pre-work? (e.g. follow breeding paths, plan base building, etc. - may not be as fun for some people but saves a hell of a lot of resources/time)


What’s a breeding path? :grimacing:

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Get as many stones as you can. U won’t go wrong that way. Imo. I have run out of stones on season dragons thinking I would never make it that far.



This one


Your progression speed will depend on your activity and spending levels and team help. I’m about 4 months out from level 49 and currently level 90 with gold divines. Some go slower, some go faster than that.

Sapphire’s about the right place to be asking this question. I would decide at season end based on how many sigils I had and what they’d buy in Cav’s line vs other lines. I believe Cav has a mythic glyph between sapphire and garnet which will not just give you more time, but make him or another dragon much stronger.

For an unusually good dragon I would move heaven and earth to go further, but I don’t know that Cavaleris is that exceptional.

The best advice I can give is don’t spend money. I don’t say that out of spite, but by the time you get to sapphire it can cost $100 or more for a single dragon. It is truly not worth the investment. To put this in perspective, Jotun (mythic harbinger) costs 175k egg tokens. A mythic Garnet (Icicle) will cost you just over 200k. Only a TON of money could ever possibly catch you up.

Instead, you should start each season by getting the egg token boost. Look up Red’s breeding paths and choose either her best or fastest. Both will work great (thanks @TheRedDelilah!). You can hit sapphire in a season or two. Then you’ll probably get disgruntled in garnet somewhere and quit. If not, then six months to a year later you’ll be excited to get your first obsidian! And then realize you’re still 5-7 tiers away from end game depending on how fast PG releases things.


With the progression time if you aren’t out of sapphire in 3 months you need to adjust your breeding path.

I should adjust using Red’s breeding path? :thinking:

Icicle is 160k

Reds cheapest, red-obsidian will get you there quick. Aim to have 100k tokens by each breed and you’ll fly through it. I’ve been passing people left and right with this path. Also I only get 2 stones past your current tier, (orange to emerald) in 1 year.

So…100k tokens per breed you say. Breed occurs every 4 weeks (that’s equal to 1 month, roughly). @Kallesin needs roughly 700k tokens to finish sapphire. That’s just shy of 7 months by your math as well. So it seems we’re all in agreement here that it’s 6+ months unless you spend $$. Of course, you could follow Fatal’s advice and adjust Red’s breeding path, but then you may as well go to the Pokemon path posted above. That was sarcasm. Don’t try to adjust Red’s paths. It’s a law of WD. Science.

The bottom line remains that if you decide to spend money to “catch up” you’re going to need to spend enough for roughly 6.9 million eggs plus the timers to advance your base enough to be able to breed them. Hence why I say don’t waste your money. Just get the seasonal breeding token bonus for a while. Someone did a calculation in another thread to see how much it would cost to get to end game (which I can pull if you want, but)…it equaled roughly a house. Don’t buy dragons, buy a house.

By the time you make it to Sapphire or Garnet you will be able to get the egg token bonus in a season, and one or two seasonal dragons/riders with sigils if you’re super active. At that point, save your rubies for a season or two and you can get a mythic without spending a penny, like I just did with Pathox.

If anyone wishes to nitpick my numbers by a little bit feel free. However, the recommendation remains. Don’t spend money, it’s a waste. The value packs seem to be missing the value. We should just rename them packs. Get the egg token bonus AT LEAST to +100%, get 125% for a little extra push. Follow Red’s path, it’s a necessity. If you don’t understand it ask and we’ll help. Get as far as you can on one dragon or rider per season as the rewards get greater towards the end of each line.

For timeline, budget a year at least to get to/through emerald. Prepare yourself mentally for the garnet wall. Now going through it my second time the pain is worse because I know at the end there’s 4 more tiers instead of having “made it”. By the time you get there it will likely be 7 more tiers (you’ll be halfway!) Have I depressed you yet? Welcome to War Dragons!


Red’s paths are not so optimal that there’s no room for adjustment. It’s really not that kind of science. But I believe fatal was suggesting moving from one of her paths to another.

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Well let me know where to find a better one, I’m all ears. And yes, you can certainly switch between hers. I also stated that, I believe. Or at least said to pick between her best and fastest paths.

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Thanks for well thought out reply. I am quite familiar with the mobile game industry approach. Progress is rapid at first and then gets exponentially more and more difficult. I play another game where I have gotten to the point where after two years I won’t progress any further unless I fork over thousands of dollars. If I can reasonably enjoy this game for a year with only the Elite Account investment that will be fine. I think I will push towards the Garnet stone even it is a while before I can use it.

Yes, you can reasonably enjoy it up to garnet with just the elite account. Good luck!