Promoted Breeding Guides

So I looked at the “official email” today about the breeding event which links to some breeding guides. Awesome I thought, let’s take a look.

Do you realize how terrible and out of date these paths are? This must be why I still have to fix paths from people following these cray cray old and bad paths.

I am shocked and offended. @Arelyna


For the first time i bumped into this, i thought OK, this is how PG promotes spending by giving out outdated info. :man_shrugging:

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Can’t wait to get Jagra and Shivano this event.

Yes. Yes indeed. Just, well, I guess if everyone at PG is down breeding purple and gold dragons, why would they have need to a guide that goes further? Or have need to even KNOW about guides that actually go into, I dunno, current dragon tiers?



Really sad they don’t have any of your paths. Would there be a good way to ask them to amend it?

By the way, since Amoeba is no longer updating, do we have any good sources for info on new dragon stats, breeding parents, new tower levels, ect?

@PGCrisis too for updating the page

Yeah I actually wondered what Shivano was, a renamed Dragon? Or an old Divine I forgot to check? Is it Kulan? Because I bred Jagra and Kulan together :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I saw this email from PG and the first thing I thought was “Where the heck are Red’s guides?!?”
Seriously, that had to be an oversight. I mean, it’s one thing to include these incredibly outdated and unhelpful guides, but it’s another to leave out Red altogether! Or am I missing her? Is she down in one of the other links? I couldn’t find her guides…
@Arelyna ?

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shivano and kulan are the same dragons. in germany for example we have different names :frowning:

I trust PG recommendations, sorry.

Ignoring your guides and getting the awesome Shivano this event :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Lol have fun using outdated guides then.

Has amoeba stopped updating?

He has left the game

I know that different languages have different names (thanks for confirming tho), but I find it very confusing between languages in the same team. By example I play in English, but one of our teammate plays in French, and the translators swapped the name of two Legendary Gold Dragons, Sekoronos and Khrysos. Khrysos is called Sekoronos in French version, and Sekoronos is called Khrysos (or rather another name they deemed better smh)… You can imagine the confusion when he told us he bred Sekoronos through Khrysos parents!

I’m not even mentioning horrendous things like translations of names… Whalegnawer is one of the worst Shudders

I speak French too… Yet I prefer to play in English, I don’t want to deal with bad translations… :sweat_smile: If I get another device (easier to compare two games without switching languages) I will probably make a post about language discrepancies between English and French versions of the game, because there’s A LOT…

i started a post about this issue and jared told us that he will take a closer look at that. idk how to refer to an old post here in the forum

This is even worse than even skipping the information all together and not mentioning breeding guides to anyone.

I know you want to give players some variety, but try some paths that have been updated you know, recently? A path from 2 years ago is going to screw players up so bad. To be honest those sites should just remove their wrong info if they cared enough


Thank you once again for confirming just how ridiculously out of touch PG is with the player base.

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Wow. This is such an easy fix, too. It makes no sense that yours isn’t in that list. I sent my team a link to yours just to make sure.

When I use Shivano to trash your base you’ll be a believer.



Didn’t superman get banned for cheating? Why would they promote a cheaters (stolen) work?