Promoting and points

Can someone please explain exactly how points and promoting/ denoting ranks actually works. We were trying to stay in Gold III, came in 16th place, lost points, but yet we promoted back to Gold II again.
We r trying to stay in III to rebuild, but keep getting bumped back to II

The lower leagues have a whole lot of sub-leagues and teams within those sub-leagues. You’ll need to look at the overall ranking of your team (found on the info page in Town Hall or via a profile) and compare it to the third tab on the rankings page (trophy icon) (or here).

To be Gold III, your team would need to be within the ranks of 2076-2675. Gold II is 1576-2075, so that’s a lot of teams that could be shifting around with PvP rating points.

Why not build in 2?

Don’t go off the ranking in the league…

Your global rank is where it’s at! Each league Gold 3,2,1, Etc has a minimum & Maximum global rank you must have fell in the ranking of gold 2.

Scroll to the left to see your global ranking and then you’ll be able to look what each league the Min/Max Global Rank And jist make sure you stay within a global rank of Gold 3.

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