PROPOSAL - Atlas Event: King (of the Hill) Poachers


King Poachers have infiltrated Atlas! Send your armies to silence their Royal Guards and dethrone these heartless kingpins.

Send your troops to defeat increasingly large armies of Royal Guards at each King Poacher and earn greatly increased glory. Guards fight to the death – troops you lose cannot be revived. The team which earns the most glory at the poacher will capture its King and earn the most team points. Glory can be earned by killing Royal Guards or enemy Primarchs!

For a limited time, the Atlas Trading Bazaar will feature Kingslayer troops which can be exclusively deployed to fight Royal Guards and save your army precious time in this race to save Atlas. The store will also feature an Elite Kingpin value pack which greatly accelerates individual points earned during this week’s King Poachers event.

Bonus Details for the Intel-Hungry

  • Poachers cannot be captured
    • There is just a single “King” and an army of Royal Guards protecting it
    • The king is captured by whichever team earns the most glory
    • Players just press the attack button like like usual
    • Troops lost killing guards cannot be revived, but much more glory is awarded
    • When a player defeats a King’s guard army, a larger army will show up (up to 10 per poacher)
      • Larger armies show up at higher level poachers (more grind required on weaker ones)
  • Team points earned based on team rank when poacher ends
    • More team points are earned the longer your team is the most recent team to have beat a guard. Don’t let enemies attack your poacher after you
  • Individual points earned based on glory earned (like other major Atlas events)
  • Limited-time additions
    • Kingslayer Elite - value pack for a boost to current event points (found in a value pack)
    • Kingslayers - special troops which can be used to instantly beat royal guards (found at the Trading Bazaar)
      • Or maybe the fiction for these should be more dragon magic-like (e.g., Kingslayer Fireball) rather than troop-like?

Disclaimer: As with all proposals, all of this is very tentative and highly subject to change (from your feedback especially!).

Some brief early thoughts from me: King Poachers will probably spawn less than regular poachers, so they will be a contentious resource. Exploring the world for the best ones may be a rewarding strategy for some. Working with your team will be important too in order to stay on top of the King Poacher (don’t let your enemy rack up points by being the most recent one to defeat a King Poacher’s guard!). The new Kingslayer Elite option is a direct result of feedback on the forum that we should try to appeal to a broad base of players willing to financially support the game’s development … it’ll be a great value, and I look forward to seeing how it goes!


This sounds great, and any options for more glory are good :tada:
Dumb question just to check: Is the Kingslayer Elite just for Atlas events, and can these be saved and activated (vs immediate application upon receipt)?

Ultimately, my two concerns are that recently added teams will be able to participate and that there won’t be massive upheavals; otherwise, that’s no fun for the teams who haven’t been able to establish a foothold yet - don’t want them to give up before they can even start.

Bullet point style to avoid rambling :see_no_evil::

  • Kingslayer -> Kharnyx’s Fire (instead of greek fire :stuck_out_tongue:)?
  • I’d hope that the Elite Kingpin value pack isn’t an instant-win that turns it purely into outspending.
  • For troops lost, maybe that could be an option? Give up troops for more points or be able to revive for less. That makes it less painful for those who are just starting out in Atlas; otherwise, they can’t really participate as much.
  • Will opposing teams’ primarchs on the poacher block access to attack the poacher? I’d hope not, unless there’s a timer (block for x amount of time but then free for x amount of time, regardless of if another team is there).
  • Will each territory have at least one event poacher? Traveling through Atlas and needing to defeat strongholds just to go after the higher value ones would be pretty painful and might not be feasible for smaller teams.
  • Will points be awarded just for a successful run, along with additional points for holding it longer?

I like how poachers events are atm, it’s based on teams activity and not spending. The idea is great minus value pack for super troops.

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  • Kingslayer Elite would be for just this one event for now, and it would not be stockpile-able (players could purchase one for the duration of this event, but no more).
  • Recently added teams will have some time to build up troops before this event runs. That said, long term I expect there will always be some new team which hasn’t yet built up their forces or has rebuilt from a major conquest. Unfortunately, not every event will be able to optimized for every player but I think that’s probably just reality.
  • Kharnyx’s Fire sounds awesome. We’ll see if others’ can top that :slight_smile:
  • If a team wanted revives, they have that option! Focus on killing enemies trying to get poachers and only spend minimal time fighting guards. That will earn less glory, but revivable troops have the advantage of being able to live to fight another day! Different players can employ different strategies based on their own unique situation and goals.
  • Poacher lockdown will still play as usual (i.e., enemies can block you from attacking). Though you can always fight them off. But maybe this is too stifling. Changing lockdown rules might be worth it for the event, though I’m not sure that will be possible for the first run.
  • Yes, each territory will have at least one poacher. Spawn times are relatively short now (maybe even too short, but I don’t think we’ll know for sure until we all experience it live).
  • Individual points are awarded for a successful run. Team points are awarded based on how your team fares versus other at the poacher, and how long your team was the most recent to defeat a guard versus other teams who scored at the poacher.
  • Does this mean that any glory (attacking other players on the poacher) will count towards individual points for this event? That way, if a team has a permanently locked down poacher, they won’t be entirely locked out of the event.
  • What time interval are team points being counted at? I guess that might be too granular a question for now, though… haha
  • Changing poacher lockdown eventually would be nice, though if any glory earns individual credit, that’s more just a concern for team points, I suppose. It’s more just the edge cases of teams sending out their 300+ accounts to camp poachers vs the platinum teams where the highest level might be a 100 some. It might be interesting if the poacher on your team’s owned territory received some sort of bonus, but that might just lead to teams going into world domination mode and wiping other teams. :see_no_evil:
  • Yes
  • Poachers currently stay on the map for 23 hours. But it seems like we should probably shrink that window for the purposes of the event. Maybe 6 hours? What do you all think?

For the record, I was only joking when I said they should have a pack where you could buy event points :sweat_smile:. The idea of KOTH is usually pretty good but with this in mind, would have to see what the prizes are because when you said most glory earned, this sounds like a ton of troops are going to be lost and can’t be revived. Considering the relative value of a troop (not having enough you can lose everything) this would make the decision really hard. There is the potentially for dual loss because it sounds like you’re going to lose fighting the PvE King AND other teams, so pretty severe losses are possible.

Being able to buy Kingslayers does sound like an instant win spend mechanic which would have been nice to avoid. Also, having glory as the winning metric isn’t really KOTH. As that doesn’t sound like control. It’s just who was willing to lose more troops.

Also, where would this take place? If it is closer to some teams this would create an advantage.


if this runs, any chance the troops lost can be revived after the event ends? This would allow us not to take a huge loss that will take weeks to recover from. You could even turn off the revive mechanic during the event and turn it back on when the event ends.

Will the king poachers give you gold each attack?

Would it be possible to give each player a set number of troops at start of the event to be used on king poachers? This would help the newer teams at least be able to get some points.

@Odie Yes, King Poachers will give gold.

@Panda Buying Kharnyx Fire (forScience’s name for Kingslayers :slight_smile:) will help get (personal) points, but it is primarily a timer-saver (it doesn’t earn glory). The player still has to find a King Poacher and gain control of it with their team – this has to be done by controlling territory, or fighting enemies off poachers. Most team points come from controlling the King Poacher as long as possible … preventing others from killing guards, or responding quickly if they do.

It’d take place all over the world … King Poachers would spawn in all regions (probably several times) over the course of the event.

So I haven’t pondered this too much, but

Gist is

  1. Burn troops permanently to get more G points faster?

Won’t this simply weaken you overall in the game?

G points generally are over-hyped.

My sentiments on this is troops > all else at the moment. I will not easily trade G points for lower total troops.

Yes troops is a consumable, but eventually when someone rocks up at your door with a million troops, you need a million troops to counter. Having 50k with lots of G points won’t do jack.

So not really wanting to sound negative, the concept sounds okish, but I reckon I’ll pass unless the rewards are spectacular


Yeah, using troops to fight guards will earn more glory points (and thus more points/rewards in the event). But it’s not required to participate – players who prefer to be able to revive their troops can focus primarily on PvP instead. There are multiple ways to play this event depending on individual priorities – my hope is this will make the event enjoyable for more players.

I think that is good. Options kinda like super and normal attack in pvp events (analogy)

Guards also provide a level playing field for earning glory for Primarchs which are harder to get glory for (looking at you, Rusher). I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rushers dominate guard killing (at least when normalized per Primarch of each type unlocked).

Here is the issue I see with burning troops for events too much. They’re vital to map control. Would be possible for teams to maybe gain x consumable/buff based on their islands and this carries over to the event? Basically you’re asking people to do something they already have to do in the everyday process of playing he game. This just creates greater strain.

I get the idea and support something new but it’s basically the same glory hunting mechanic as the game this will likely just limit the amount people can afford to attack outside of the events. Which I thought was half the reason for beta. Events should be determined by something other than the same everyday activities.


Having no combat-based events would probably be too extreme too, but your point about having a good mix of events (i.e., some which don’t rely on troops) is interesting. That’s a good segue to mention that there’s another event proposal that’s not combat-focused that I’ll share in a little while (maybe after this event is a bit further along; no rush on sharing the other event yet … and it’s a bit more experimental :x).


Definitely appreciate the attempt to branch out with a new event. I’ll keep it brief since Panda and Gox already covered my overall take–I think the troop consumable is the most valuable one in the game, and permanently destroying troops for faster GP is probably a really bad deal for most people. Of course, if you’ve made the top 10 all time for building troops after being in Atlas about a month, you might have a different calculus.


Absolutely agree with panda and Gox.
Plus These events would be much more fun and have higher participation if the troop building rate was updated.

3200 troops per day max if you set your alarm every 3 hours and never sleep. Yet it takes 10x that to be killed to level a primarch, even more if it’s a specialty. Add in real battle for territory, plus now all of these events that require an insane 2 million troops to be killed to max the event.

The bullhorns are even more scarce than the scrolls for riders. In a year of atlas I’ve aquired less than 10 horns on each of my accounts. And this includes drop rate for the horns (and scrolls) in the bazaar cards. For that matter what few horns I had all came from original early beta days and it’s first appearance as an event.

I had a player last night that is actually willing to pay for horns and yet that option is not there, only allowed to buy gold for an insane ruby cost. Which does absolutely no good when you can’t get the horns to call up the men.

Horns are pretty valuable items, so they are intentionally scarce. They can be bought for rubies, but like energy the cost for each successive wave of bullhorns goes up so that refilling endlessly isn’t possible / keep the playing field reasonable.

We’re also planning an Atlas event which utilizes the space but isn’t focused on troop killing in order to mix things up a bit and see how fun something way outside the current box can be. I’ll share a super early draft of it soon to see what you all think.

Can you please direct me on how to purchase the horns?
We went into where we build troops and clicked the box, it said we had 0 gold and 0 hats… so we scrolled the bar over to say build 300 troops and below it says you need Xx gold and beside it 8889 rubies…then
You need XX troops and have 0 bull horns. The red showed what we need but no rubies amount pops up like it does for the gold… so we are lost :see_no_evil:

Thanks you :hugs: