Proposal: Castle Guards (updated; formerly proposed as Team Troops)


Yes the idea is that the higher the fort level the better the NPC base.


I understand that. I want to know if a team can design their own layout for this base.


In the future, yes!


Updated original post – backfilling primarchs with team troops has been removed. It was too punishing – if a weak teammate or ally parking a weak Primarch at your castle, it could be used to bleed out the castle troops excessively easily.

  • Castle Guard NPC base defense: Will the base level scale up with the release of new towers? Will its defense be joinable?
  • Related tweaks: Can it specify “If a defending primarch is trapped”? nitpicky, but I was having trouble wrapping my head around it at first :x (don’t know if that was just me…)


Any possibility we can have this “team troops” totally separated from player troops?

More leaning to a kind of castle soldiers.

Castle soldier (team troops) - defense
Player troops- offensive


You’ll soon have a “team base” defended by castle soldiers?

I mean… War Dragons is fun right? There we have two factors:
Dragons - Offensive
Base - Defensive


That’s exactly the plan right now. Team troops cannot be used to attack.


Team troops ( if we’re still calling them that?) are designed to be used for defense so people can stop hoarding individual troops, get out there, and earn some glory points yo!


Send me your coordinates :grin:


That’s the most unusual pickup line I’ve heard in awhile…


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