Proposal: Do Away with Blockades

Just a possible change. Blockades are a pain…granted they serve an important function BUT they, plus a few other functions severely limit the ability to have small scale skirmishes and hinder people’s ability to play the game itself. The number of attacks you can do in general is severely hampered by this.

So, if you were to cap loss at say 3,000 per side but leave the ratios intact, even increased the upper ends of each maybe? But completely remove or severely decrease the timeframe of being delayed. This would allow for people to engage but also for sides to withdraw. However, if you wanted to truly attack you could also just keep going. This would allow for less of a “steamrolling” feel and more commitment to sustained attacks but not simply kill as fast as possible by a singular or small group of players. This will really need faster travel times of 4.15 to be feasible so “parties” can be formed.

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If I understand correctly… I like this idea.

This could mean that I can go on an attack with say… 30k troops on my Sieger, therefore I can actually make 10 attacks (if the cap loss is 3K) or have something left and retreat should my Sieger get attacked.

Where now if I go on a long planned attack it’s usually a suicide mission, I go with my Sieger with 30k troops and I might get 2-5 attacks in IF I DONT get attacked and then just back to building troops.

This cap might create a much more active Atlas.

We play War Dragons because we love the active attacking and flying our dragons…
We can’t do that in Atlas because we need to build troops for a week, plan an attack and hope for the best… sometimes only getting one or two attacks in or just sit there with a rusher before being back to building troops…

The removal of blockage would make sense now as well, if you want to travel to an enemy you either have to arrange with your neighbor for access or bubble their island to go through.

This will be especially beneficial to a defender and hard work for an attacker.

If you want to conquer a castle, you’ll have to plan in advance and be prepared to go in a war that might take days instead of a few hours.

This opens up the possibility for actually actively playing Atlas.

@Panda please let me know if I’m misunderstanding your idea.

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Or, I would like to see Haste consumables put to more use and have the ability to effectively reduce the time blockaded up to a certain point.

This is exactly what I’m saying. Right now attacks are very all or nothing. There is no middle ground or ability to really scale the size of each incursion unless you simply just put less troops on it and keep resummoning but that burns a ton of timers(the most valuable resource in the game).

Overall I think it also rewards a more active defense so that teams don’t just put 10k troops and a level 1 fort and just leave it. You have to actually defend your area in a meaningful and impactful manner.

Right now you can build roughly 2400 troops per day if you basically use all your gold and trade your sleep a bit (I do not really recommend this). A standard attack caps at 15k. So, basically each hit costs you about 6 days of building. You can hit once per week…I would prefer to see people have to increase their attacking if they are going to remove 6 days worth of building.

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Good idea. Damn sneak attacks :smirk:

This could work but it’s still a problem if you’re delayed at a team you don’t really want to attack.

Maybe Movement can be more direct?
For instance, you don’t get delayed along your route. So in other words: if I select territory C, I don’t get delayed at A and all it’s castles but have some delays at all C’s castles so I still can’t just go in a territory and attack from the inside out.

They aren’t really that “sneaky” because you’d be there a while or have to bring a good amount of people in order to get anything done.

Another possible idea would be for blockades to not be a default amount. But an ability with a CD?

What about bringing some kind of gold rewards into play here as well?

Very active teams that isn’t necessarily spending a crap load should be rewarded for being active.

Something like medals in the main game. (Although medals can’t really be used for anything it’s the best example) what if you can get 300k gold per attack?

  1. If you lose the total cap amount of 3K troops you can use the gold to repair.
  2. If you’re a decent flyer and do a little planning, you don’t lose the total 3K troops and the gold you get per attack can be used to build or upgrade prims.
  3. Attacks will still be a little limited because building troops still takes time but at least you get rewarded and not just penalized for playing.
  4. This might also lift the shortage of gold a little.

So basically each attack you make gets limited to 3K troops per attack but you get 300k gold per attack to help you get back in the game a little sooner.

If you’re a bit more skilled and use the game mechanics to your advantage you’ll lose less than 3K troops and have gold to bank!

If you have a backer the gold goes up to say… 400k and 500k for a third backer. (This encourages team involvement even more)

The player getting attacked gets some gold for a successful defense (again same as medals in main game) which helps him repair lost troops.

Im talking about capping on loss of troops, theres an instance wherein I attacked, then I got attacked at the same time, i have 15k troops in the primarch, i finished the enemy base, however The attacker finished my base first, as a result , my atk didnt count cuz i lost everythingn from the “attacker”. atleast I hope they do something about stopping someone from attacking you while you are in battle , or yeah just put caps on troop loss. But I believe theres a thread about that. :tipping_hand_man:t3:

what if someone would abuse this system? for example use a Fighter with 1 Troop - attack - win - get 300k gold - repeat?

or will those 300k gold (bonus) only be aviable if u use 3k troops on it? i would like the idea

Maybe, reward is tied directly to troop amount used?

3000 troops = 300k max
1000 troops = 100k
500 troops = 50k

I like this idea.
More attacks less total losses.

Overall it would just be nice to see you able to “do” more in Atlas on both large and small scales…This is all contingent upon the servers not breaking all the time though :expressionless:


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