Proposal: Flying Primarchs & Atlas Pacing


Could you keep portals? I felt like they could still have value.


Will portals basically be replaced by the ability to fly directly to any of your own castles, any NML and any save zone?

Is it possible to have the function to fly directly to a friendly/alliance castles?



Two questions for clarity please

  1. if we own territory top left and bottom right of current map, and we fly between the two areas
    is it:
    A) instant like using a portal
    B) 5-30 mins depending on prime type
    C) some new speed calculation

  2. so you cannot fly “around” current forts and say land on someone’s mine bypassing their fort?

  1. C) The farthest reaches of the map point to point should be roughly ~10mins with this proposal. Each unit of distance is a fixed so region to region travel would be very short.
  2. No you cannot. When traveling to a non-allied region you must use a road connection from an adjacent region.


Yes this will replace portals as you can fly directly to any of your own castles, neutral or NLM castles or allied/friendly castles.


Update on release? @pgEcho


But portals now are instant. 10 minutes under attack is pretty long lol.

Is there anyway you’ll look at instant (like with portals) if you have passage or if it’s your own castles?


@pgEcho @PGDave Why not just leave the portals? And then add flying primarchs?


Great idea- the travelling on the current atlas is sooo boring and pointless


Instant teleportation doesn’t really fit with the fantasy/feel we want to create, now that traveling across the world will be considerably easier. Additionally there are technical challenges and edge cases caused with portals which we can eliminate.

If you build territory across the world and leave no troops there to defend… having 1-10mins of travel time based on distance to go defend it seems like an appropriate logistical challenge for teams to weigh? In this case at least you don’t need to route plan, just fly straight to it.

Oh and not to mention 50 to 100 rubies or Haste Consumables can get you there pretty quick :stuck_out_tongue:


:thinking: but then if a team were able to navigate from their fort to NML, why couldn’t another team navigate from NML to the first team’s fort? Tracking harpoons :smiling_imp:


Who knows, maybe the team’s fort / dragon landing pad will protected such that enemies can’t land? :stuck_out_tongue:


Fantasy: the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable.

Unless I am mistaken…instant teleportation is not a real thing.

The haste consumable is one of the most ill structured things I have seen, speeding up something from 1hr to 30 min…fine, but 2min to 1min…come on now.

If it is a coding issue by all means, but they are pretty helpful as they are now and taking them out seems to limit some of the uses of a tower and strategy but eh.