Proposal for a new schedule in PvPs


in my opinion, there should be a different schedule for timed turn-based PvP events.
In Fight Pits, it’s a little annoying that the rounds always last six hours. That means there is almost the same rhythm - this is disadvantageous for some time zones, every time the lap ends in the night is for the same time zone (I know there is a ten-minute break after each lap - but the Break is not long enough to move the laps accordingly).
You should consider increasing the duration to eight or four hours so that the rounds don’t always end at the same time.

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24h = 8h x 3 = 4h x 6 = 6h x 4
Still the same

Additionally, there are 17 rounds, and up to 50 participating members each team, so it’s pretty good time-wise IMO. Also, 6h/round = 1 cost reset/round, easy to manage.


This seems like an exceedingly bad idea. With rounds always ending at the same time on any given day of the event it’s a lot easier to know when you need to log in for your attacks to be the most effective (if you’re on a team that utilizes strategy like that). With constantly shifting event rounds, you are going to get people who would need to set timers every round to figure out when the heck they’re supposed to attack.

I don’t want to have to remember a constantly shifting schedule if you suddenly make a round last for an odd number of hours (because that’s what you’d have to do and it’d still end up screwy because of how long the attacking phase of the PVP events actually last — spoiler alert, it’s an even number of hours).


Okay, know I got it :see_no_evil:
There was a failure in my thinking.

Then try it another way:
There are four days of Fighting Pit - 4d x 24h/d = 96h
We divide these 96 hours by 9 hours per round - 96h : 9h/round = 10,66…rounds (the whole event lasts 10 rounds)
Because there is a break between every round, we take the remaining 360 minutes (96h - [9h/round x 10 rounds]= 6 hours, correspond to 360 minutes) and divide the number of minutes by the number of breaks - 360minutes : 10 breaks=36min/break

This means the event could be changed into 10 rounds (9h each) and 36 minutes per break.

This would be a possibility to finish the rounds at different times.

As I said, my concern here is to introduce a variation in the timing of the end of the round.

How the feasibility is, is not in my hands.

I am also aware that some of you find that the duration of a round is too long, the breaks are too long, the rounds are too few, the (variable) end times are undesirable, problems arise due to the “atypical break time” or something like that.

Pls don’t give Pg ideas on this


Supplement to remedy the reduced yield of energy: In every round AND every break, the price for the use of energy boxes is reset. This means, for example, in round 4 you can get 100 energy for 5/9/13/15 energy boxes, in break 4 as well - and at the beginning of round 5 again, in break 5 too and so on.

Wait, what was the concern for this suggestion?

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This suggestion resulted from the idea of ​​making the end of the round of the PvPs (at least fight pits) more variable in time, so that the same pattern does not always exist at 6 a.m., 12 p.m., 6 p.m. and midnight.

That’s the pattern for your timezone but not everyone’s. One of the rounds ends at like 2 or 3 a.m. my time. While I understand where you’re coming from, shifting the time so it’s more randomized isn’t great either. It sounds like you want it to be better for your timezone but this can’t be simply convenient for only your timezone when there are players from around the world with various timezones. Essentially, we’re all in the same boat. We all have rounds that end at inconvenient times. This is where strategy and planning comes into play. You plan for rounds like this.

I can appreciate the thought you put into this. A 36 minute break is far too long though. Personally, I think 10 is fine. It gives us a chance to catch our breath from the last round and get prepared for the next without too much downtime. 9 hour rounds would be exhausting. The current balance of the round/energy reset time is good. It doesn’t make each round feel like such a drag…like it used to.


I love this thread.

I am well aware that there are other time zones. This suggestion is not only related to “my time zone”, but to ever time zone. Each time zone would have a “better” or “worse” timing for the end of a round.

In addition, the absence phases are usually exceeded (work, sleep, school …) and thus the probability of “true” PvPs is increased.

As can be seen from my supplement, there is also the possibility of achieving more energy yield despite fewer laps (10 rounds and 9 breaks = 19 possibilities to receive “cheap” energy).

On the other hand, I can also ask: Why do some insist on the previous approach - because it is advantageous to them in their time zone and a change in the length of the round has negative effects on “their success”?
How many demand an understanding that their time zone is thus disadvantaged, why do they not understand the disadvantage for other time zones with this approach?

Unlike Gauntlet PvP, which ends (usually) in a few minutes, Pits is about 6h long each round.
Plus we have 49 teammates, which should cover us in turn
(for a note, usually I miss one round daily, although still buying the energy for the round).


No. Rather, because it’s simple and easy to remember.
I believe it’s not necessary to overcomplicate an event just by changing the round time.


Aha. You like to be variable so that it will not be going to be up on same time everyday. So maybe for your 6am, 12nn and 6pm and midnight, maybe replace it with 4am, 10am, 2pm, then 11pm. Then next day will be 3am, 6am, 12nn, 4pm, and 9pm. Those times are random. So i think that would do for you?

In itself, that would also be a possibility - but the problem here will be that either a round is shortened by an hour in between or the break is extended accordingly.

Thats the gist. It is unpredictable. :grin:

What do you gain from that?

Here’s an alternate suggestion - do away with pits and rounds entirely. You can only hit teams within a certain range of your ranking/score. Only energy resets would be on a clock.

Might make it a bit like King of the Hill, and old favorite.

Mine none. I am just accommodating his suggestion.

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I didn’t read up so just took a guess what you meant lol.
Anyways, I like how it is now. It makes staying up/sleeping early easy to do

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