Proposal for wood disposal

We can feed perch dragons for getting some extra defense for a short while. What if we had something similar: What if we could burn some wood in egg incubator for it to burn flame hotter for a while thus speeding up incubation time for while as well.


We had a really good thread about this.

I like the idea of the beaver dragon and speeding up eggs using wood. Eggs take forever to incubate.


Using wood to speed up incubation would be fantastic :+1: Beaver dragon is cute too lol


Better put some respeck on Beavreemp

I asked for a termite dragon long ago but got no response.



Maybe make a rider called “beaverok,” and it has a skill that requires wood to level up and it speedsup construction time and egg incubation :joy::+1:


Dan’t be stealing my name!


Glad to see there is still interest is something like this.

But for real:

I had a thread where I suggested adding a boost to the incubator that reduced hatch time by adding wood…ya know since it’s flame driven


I think that’s an excellent idea :+1:

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I guess beaver dragons are cuter than termite dragons? Lol

True unless from the perspective of another termite.


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How about letting us bundle our own wood and save it say no more than 1.5 / 2.0 million in packs of 130 k each.

That was a proposed function of the beaverdragon.

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You know what @MummoFlames ? That’s a pretty cool idea :slight_smile:
Would love to be able to finally burn lumber!

I don’t really favor the wood eating dragon idea for some reason, just my opinion.

Burning lumber releases toxic emissions and will lead to a general climate change within the War Dragons realm.

I heard that’s fake news from the Chinese.

As much as i’m on board for a way to dispose of wood, what really irks me here is the title of the thread to be honest.

A proposal isn’t just 2 sentences strung together haphazardly putting out a single preliminary thought with no explanations. To me if we are going to put together a proposal you need prior feedback, a good group discussion, then you put together a formal proposal to the game developers by giving a good background on the problem at hand, solutions you went through, reasons why you landed at the final request, and how it would benefit each party. There would then be clarifications from both parties to discuss further.

If you would want to put something like that together I’d definitely give you a hand in reviewing what you write up before publishing it as a PROPOSAL.

Mech :slight_smile:

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Love this idea.

I wound up putting far more work into Beavreemp (including spell sets and perch/dam mechanics) than any one person ever should: New Dragon Proposal (serious, but for fun)