Proposal : Have Glyphs show up in the Silver chests

The biggest challenge that I have faced with the newer dragons is the complete lack of glyphs being available to put on them. Are there any plans to make at least some high level glyphs available in the Silver chests from time to time?

Aye, aye, this is a recurring topic, we get a new one every month.

We get some lately from the team achievements, the event prizes. I really loved the rage glyphs a few weeks ago

And there are more about runes and their uselessness. If you put the glyphs into the silver chests, they will be diluted even further, and the likelihood of getting something GOOD will be close to zero.

If the useless ones were removed, and replaced by glyphs, now that is a completely different story.

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I am sure the topic recurs because it is a problem in game. You have these nice new dragons and dragon tiers while you are sitting on common glyphs that you won’t put on anything anymore.

For the Springveil season:

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