Proposal: Implement a Battle Ready Screen

Hi Dragon Lords,

In the spirit of this suggestion (which I hope is still being worked on)

I wish to propose something that improve the player’s experience of the game, cut down on exploits, such as airplane, and ensure both attackers and defenders start on the same foot.
All this can be accomplished through a Battle Ready screen (aka lobby, wait screen, etc).

Basically, it would go down something like this:

  1. attacker initiated an attack and presses invite friends.
  2. attack and defend banners appear for the respective teams for the normal amount of time
  3. once the banners have expired, the participants are locked in. If the attacker is not connected, it drops the attack.
  4. there then begins a second count down to the start of the battle, ensuring that the attacker is not halfway through the base by the time you can lay your shots down.

Please feel free to provide constructive feedback, whether positive or negative, in an effort to make airplane exploits nonexistent, battles starting at the same time for the attacker and defender, and a better quality play experience for you, the players.

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I feel like this is an interesting idea, but I also feel like it would add a lot of time to normal game play. I have a few questions, in no particular order.

  1. How long would the lead attacker have to try reaching the server before the attack is actually launched once everyone is locked in?
  2. Do you intend for this to happen for all attacks? Or would this special battle loby thing only apply to war runs?
  3. Is the battle delayed if the defenders fail to connect with the server in an reasonable length of time? Do they get kicked out of the run altogether if they can’t join fast enough?
  4. What is your idea for a reasonable length of time to make people wait before they can actually start attacking? 10 seconds? 20? 45? A full minute?

Agreed. Interesting idea, but sounds hard to implement, and adding time before attack commences is just frustrating.

Sometimes with my crappy connection I already wait 16 seconds to attack. If someone is laggy and you’re stuck waiting, and can’t cancel, then that wouldn’t be good for anyone.

I am sure it can be played with, but probably 3-5 seconds, with a 5 second countdown to battle start.

To start out, if this would be implemented, I would certainly want it on important battles, such as wars and atlas battles. If there is a resistance towards adding it on event and normal runs, then so be it, but when troops and rankings are on the line, I think the extra 8-10 seconds is worth it.

It will still follow the normal timing for defenders joining, I.E. if you were going to be rejected from today’s invite, you will be rejected in this systems invite.

The normal amount of banner time, which is around 10-13 seconds, then 3-5 for lock in, then 5 for battle begin count down.

This is a legit concern for only limiting it to war/ atlas attacks.

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Good lord yes please. If anyone sees my base as is, I initially used the mage drain to give me time to be able to defend my base, then added a tower to be able to give me time to get in to use the mage drain. I have to pretty much click defend immediately as it appears to even be able to do this with the “network delays” on every supershot.

My only thing is what’s stopping the lag from impacting the second timer, so we all might be locked in but if I have to sit on a 20 second load screen to get into the actual battle do others have to wait for me? Or is it the same result as usual.

If this could be implemented in an ideal fashion it would change the game for me. But general lag is a big issue overall, I hardly ever invite teammates to fights because I don’t want added lag (or my towers unsanded if I’m using Nec :rofl:).

I also wouldn’t want to just be dropped from everything because Android apparently has issues. I dig this initial concept though :+1:

Edit: I should have worded some things better. I guess it’s easier to ask how long it would wait for me to catch up before actually initiating the battle phase. I should have read your responses to Liz before posting lol sorry about that.

Barring some technical reason, this would be great.

Needs some testing to make sure it kicks the attacker if s/he enables any form of rate limiting and or airplane during this time; other games ban players immediately when rate limiting software is detected, so that is doable.

But overall it should drastically improve the cheat stomping


This probably the strongest reason to advocate this change, an extra 7-10 seconds to get rid of 2 rampant exploits.


If I could join my own banner by clicking on my push notification the second I receive it, load the game and join the Battle Ready Screen, that would be great. :grin:

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