Proposal- Increasing the level of land

I would like to propose that level 2 land can be increased to level 3 after a period of time with some stipulations.

1 Must own all the castles in the particular territory. You can’t share with someone.

2 Must own for 100 days (or some long time span, this is over 3 months and a clean number)

3 Must have all infrastructure fully maxed to what the land can handle. Even the banks and the towers that’ll be getting the ability to go past their current level cap.

4 If land is taken or conquered, it reverts back to level 2.

So what’s the purpose of this you might ask? It’s adding value and purpose to level 2 lands without bringing all the top Atlas tower crashing into the smaller teams.

It would reward dedication and strategy, as to fully upgrade the towers and banks will take time and a lot of gold, it’s unlikely many teams would be able to level many level 2 lands to level 3.

Rewards longevity. If you’ve been a solid atlas team, not remaking the competition but someone that puts In work but finds yourself always on the wrong side of battles and conquest, you can still gain something more than a level 2 island.

What do people think?


I would be against this. I think it promotes stagnation.


I’m interested in the idea. It’s already part of atlas that you can improve, within limitations, certains aspects of an area, but the land itself is not possible to update. Having a requirement like 100 consecutive days of total ownership would limit how many continents get the level upgrade. So, I don’t think the danger of “flooding” the market with level 3 territory is there.

As for stagnation–well, the very tools designed to dissuade players from hitting down, which do work quite well, also happen to work even better for the teams on the top. So, at his point, unless a mastermind like me decides to orchestrate the biggest attack Atlas has ever seen (while also ensuring the servers can keep up and I have enough people to maintain the assault during the “season break” so that I have 2 or maybe 3 weeks where everyone is vulnerable to attack, I don’t think we’ll be seeing anything other than stagnation at the top end.

The question would be, what is the motivation to move up, if you can upgrade only level 2 land? I suppose if all levels (except Dread’s) could be upgraded, the motivation would be there. But then we end up playing a really long game of Risk, while the team that claimed North and South America and Iceland (to keep another team from getting Europe) has just been amassing armies and max infrastructure. And now they have mega death ray enfeebling cannons. And defense boosts that cannot be beat. Assuming they did nothing, an assault would need to be prepared to lose 10:1 for a sustained period of time to accomplish anything.

There are not enough troops in Atlas to do this… Or, if there are, it would basically reset the whole part of the game.

But I get off topic. . . .

So, why only level 2?

I definitely 2nd Red…

Well, I suppose that settles it.


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