Proposal to fix the 300 wall following pg mechanics in game leveling

  1. A player from level 74 to level 199 needs 40800 xp to do one level
  2. A player from level 199 to level 300 needs 100000 xp to do one level

if we study the increase above seems like the xp of 40800 got an increase of 145 % after the level 199

what if we add the after level 300 : 100k xp + 145% , would mean the player would need 245000 xp to do one level , this might seem too much again to some people but seems acceptable to me especially with the new tier coming that will create a bigger disbalance with requirements to breed and level to hatch or max

so making it simple

**level 74-199 ----- 40800xp **
level 199-300-----40800xp + 145% --100k xp which is currently in game
level 300-400—100k xp + 145% —245k xp ( proposal)
level 400+ ----245k +145% --355k xp ( proposal)

this is the main idea , if other stuff to add please dont hesitate to say it , this will be the biggest problem for most now and we need a way to catch up

p.s : if ppl will ask what will happen to those who are past level 300 , simple pg can rearrange level according to the mechanic


what about those players who already leveled up?

this could be a choice

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The thing is Level is an arbitrary number and doesn’t mean anything. The ONLY reason it matters past 300 is due to dragon caps. BUT PG did that to protect the whales. So making it so we can level faster wont fix anything as PG will likely just push those level caps higher. So unless a solution negates PG’s reason for instituting huge level caps on dragons (which this proposal doesn’t do), there is no reason for PG to do anything about it.


Stop giving ideas whole thing was to have a catch up mechanic for leveling and uncap :stuck_out_tongue:

But this doesn’t help people catch-up, it will just artificially increase their level. Sure it will help us uncap our dragons BUT pg set those caps high for a reason, to protect the whales. This proposal seems unneeded as a simpler fix would be to simply lower those caps. But again we must first give them a reason to do so.

Trust me i also hate being level capped after 4 years of very active play where i never was capped. But PG didn’t like that I (and many others) had maxed top tier dragons without spending during the past 1.5 years, so they changed it… I get why they changed it, its frustrating, but until we can refute their reasoning…

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that wasnt accepted so far so what is left to do according to my opnion is this , there are plenty of players that rage quit in last update in atlas add the main reason the 300 wall , and more players are capped as well , they mentioned new timers but I am bnot seeing any change on timer drops or new timers added in game ( besides team rewards) which means pg is having a hard time adding them into game in drops , cause the current drops would have to increase

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My point is this isn’t the reason.

This was. Or was one of them anyways.

is it me or both relate together :stuck_out_tongue: , I agree that lowering caps would be even better tbh

Ya and i agree with the sentiment of your proposal. I just dont think it will solve what you want it to solve. I still support it in that i think it will more accurately reflect a bases DP in regard to level. (all these micro bases with 70 towers will suddenly be similar level to these longer bases with level 60 towers which are currently showing to be a much higher level). But i dont think that is the issue you wanted to be solved.


main issue is being capped by level , they should solve one of the aspects .

or propose dragon caps being based on DP rather than level… :thinking:

Not that i actually support this idea, but at least DP means something whereas player level is an arbitrary number.

hhaaha would like to see that

i wouldn’t lol

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Does anyone know what is actual opinion of PG on this issue? Do they understand 300+ XP wall as a problem (priority) that they want to solve to stop active players from leaving the game? So shall we now come up with ideas how to solve it or do we need to convince PG that there is change needed in the first place…
Sorry, but increase of 400% is totally wrong. Games should be fun… I love the game, but entering lvl 300 soon I am worried that I will get bored and quit. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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I am close to that lvl too and kinda feel the same . it will take me a year to uncap all harbs to max level eventhough I can breed them easily

lol you likely will… build times are too outrageous to maintain a proper base relative to dragon tier. Old issues, all of which PG has been warned about for years, are all starting to reach the point of no return. Only chance to save the game and make it sustainable IMO is to implement a DRASTIC N-1 system. Its the only way to close the gap between the whales and the non-low spenders. But the fact that PG implemented these high level requirements starting in Harb (some would say Obsidian) shows that they dont want to close the gap, they want to protect the whales from everyone who isn’t also a whale, so they wont do it… so be prepared to quit.


I wish I could disagree but if nothing changes me and more are likely going to quit

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My plan is to hit 300, get bored, quit, and wait for them to send me the whole harbinger tier plus some riders and stuff to get me to come back… That’ll get me re-engaged for a few months… then rinse and repeat :rofl:


Otherwise give us more timers from atlas and change the gold chest prizes according to levels. I am nearing to 300 wall just 15 levels more to go. I can breed a harbinger dragon in this breed. Hoping something going to change in coming months. I forgot another tier coming out this season means end game is no where near me LOL.