Proposal to fix the 300 wall following pg mechanics in game leveling


Unfortunately this would make it worse, not better. Atlas timers and gold chest changes would mean the whales would benefit the most and therefore level even faster. It is the Gap between spenders and non/light that is the underlying issue. We need to close that gap not make it bigger.


Then there is no way we can get a fix for the wall.


Well aggressive N-1 scaling would help more than anything else.


What is it?


kinda what they did for tower levels 35-50? and for Sapphire-emerald? breeding. discount lower level tower build times and breeding costs for older dragons. But what they did was too minor and only applied to tiers too far behind end-game.

But you still may be right, it might be beyond repair.


That way xp from the discounted towers will be lowered right?


no, Exp wouldn’t change. only build times.


I don’t want even to start about the elemental embers lol. No xp change is good.


well there are lots of other issues with the game, aggressive N-1 wont fix them all lol.

Embers wouldn’t be as much of a hindrance if the traditional towers were actually viable options. But this is one of the other issues that needs to be addressed.


The 300 wall is there. We can’t change it. Let’s shrink the distance between den levels so those of us in the lower to mid 300’s can actually use the dragons we hatch. Harbinger were out of date from the minute I had them since Vanguard were out. Now Apocalypse tier will be out the first breed of the new year making vanguard less than adequate. PG wants us to progress and spend but $99 pack per level is ridiculous with new towers and dragons coming monthly. If we can breed them, why can’t we use them to their potential? I’ll suffer through the morass of post 300 leveling without much complaint if I could use the dragons. Fix one or the other or the game will stagnate. Players in the 300’s before the wall was erected made out well and players that haven’t made it to the wall have no idea what they’re in for. Level, level, level and your dragons will catch up.


well ya, as i said above, level is just an arbitrary number. How slowly you gain a level doesn’t matter except because of the level caps needed for dragons, thats the issue.


I agree to this. PG GREED.


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