Proposal to make atlas more fun

I’m not going to beat about the bush and apparently the real estate magnate insists that their property is freehold and set in stone.

So, I have another idea :bulb:
Change the number of troops killed for shield up.
Level 2 castles :point_right: 20k
Level 3 castles :point_right: 30k
Level 4 castles :point_right: 40k
Level 5 castles :point_right: 50k

Everyone can see that these days, even the noobest team is adopting 5-7k troops primach, and it’s like hitting a jackpot if you ever see anyone loaded over 15k.
To make matters worse, even the noobest team has level 400+ taunters guarding the castle, how do you expect sub level 400 players to find glory if you want to encourage new players to progress?

To increase the dynamism, should the shield be toggle off manually when castle is under attack, there should be a count down timer of 10 mins to allow auto reactivate shield.

The advantage is :yum:

  1. Less time consuming to penetrate infinite bubbles deep castle
  2. Allow higher turnover of castles for meatshield so that new meatshields can take over and old meatshields can look for another meatshield to take over.
  3. Safe castles can still be safe castles, no change in property value.

Yeah… no
Do you want 24/7 CD?
People were composing about being scared of losing castles and feeling they will bubble too much. And this will make to worse.

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