Proposal to reform atlas instead of replacing it

My idea is to reset atlas, limit castles to 20-25 per team and alter the map to make all castles 0-2 bubbles deep.

Triple the fort defense bonus and double the sieger fort debuff effect.

Remove safe passage. Only your 5TA has passage. You can’t join a new 5TA outside pvp events. Or allow it with a 48 hour delay to be “added”.

Implement the conquer changes so if you have more troops than the castle owner 5TA you can conquer.

Increase castle rewards to allow similar game progression with fewer castles. Holding lots should be hard. But we don’t want to take rewards away to avoid a backlash.


The accessible map means teams can’t hide as easily. Everyone is able to be hit and has to fight. This means it’s easier to reach an enemy to hit them and try to take a castle.

Fort defense changes discourage single player sniping. You need a few siegers to drop the defense power to reduce the appeal of lone pirates and snipers. It’s a team game so work with your 5TA.

End of safe passage means your non5TA allies can come help but they’ll be stuck on delay. So they can’t get to the next castle in a major battle. Your 5TA is your main line of defense.

5TA changes mean no more bringing the rank 700 team into a rank 20 team’s 5TA to defend their castles right as one is close to being taken.

The conquer changes discourage overextending your team. Either you will defend your castle with more heavily loaded Primarchs if you have a ton of castles or leave it vulnerable to conquer.

This is a rough outline. I’m sure there is plenty I’ve overlooked but I’m interested in hearing other players thoughts.


See here? I stop reading the rest.

It’s clear PG intends to change atlas so keeping it the same isn’t an option
That leaves the options of modifying the existing atlas to address their concerns or deleting atlas entirely.

I’d prefer to keep atlas rather than have a pvp event replace it.

To change it you need to somehow modify what we currently have in a fair way. If you randomly add red zones without a reset, some teams will get lucky and have mostly safe castles. Others will go from all safe to mostly access.

Resetting ownership is the only realistic method to address teams owning too many castles with the new cap.

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Might as well just scrap the lot and start again. Atlas has way too many flaws.
The dirty fact PG fails to understand is that Atlas is mostly not fun to play. So forcing people to play it more intensively will drive off more people.


Yeah I retired because atlas exhausted me and was not fun. Now I’m just chillin and am kinda enjoying watching all of these updates unfold and seeing the reaction. XD

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