"proposed buffs to dragon rider gear" discussion thread for people without atlas access

alright so i still dont have access to atlas because i dont play in such a team at the moment (for the love of god give everyone access already! … but thats a different topic.)

because i dont have access i cant even participate in the discussion about the proposed buffs to dragon rider gear which you can find here: Proposed Buffs To Dragon Rider Gear

@pgEcho why on earth do you limit the discussion about buffing dragon rider gear to only atlas players, those changes affect everyone. we are all familiar with dragon riders and gear since its in the season branch and the changes are directly conntected to the balancing which is going on right now. youre excluding 4/5 of the playerbase from this important balance conversation! i want to post my opinion because, I too, think that your balance approach (new tower levels + buffed dragon rider gear) is ruining the game!

what the majority of players have posted in the discussion is as it is. balance is not completed, harbingers are way too op, its not fixed by adding new tower levels and definitely not by buffing rider gear!

my thoughts on the balance start here:

the shortened intervals in which you release new dragons and towers have widened the cleft between medium spenders and whales so much that this change of adding new tower levels only affects a hand full of players (only those that already have a maxed base). only those 5 players with lvl 65/70 maxed bases will be able to stop harbringers (however it is very questionable if they will be able to stop 2 of them, which is VERY important during wars). your “balance proposal” only affects the blue-whales that can afford to max their bases again, which will cost like what, 5k euros? just to "balance the op harbringer tier? what is wrong with you guys.

99.995% of the other players will still be flatrolled by harbs even if they are medium to high spenders and your “balance proposal” will have NO effect for them. it will be even worse with the buffed dragon rider gear.

acquiring harbs is a lot cheaper than maxing your base. now dont increase the cost of new dragons, theyre expensive enough!.. whats the point of spending 1k euros a month if even that doesnt get me close to end game.

youre introducing new towers and dragons every 2-3 months. at the PRICE TAG they come with its RUINING YOUR GAME. 99.995% of the players dont want to / cant pay that much!

remember when gold dragons and lvl 30 towers were the cap for half a year or even longer? when plat tier and lvl 35 towers came out it was a fraction of the cost to max, but even then it widened the gap of spenders and non-spenders.
this got worse as you continued to release tiers and the more you released the more the spender-nonspender gap shifted to a spender-whale gap.

the way you roll out dragons and towers right now widens the gap between HIGH SPENDERS AND BLUE WHALES. we told you this for months and you continued. now its at a point where even high spenders give up because they cant keep up the spending.
what kind of new player do you think wants to spend 30k euros to catch up to the blue whales? its a fail from the start, no point to try. at this rate your game is going down!

geez stop being so goddamn greedy. 5k euros for towers and Xk euros for dragons is way too much every 2-3months!! echo your “balancing proposal” to fix this mess is NOT the way to go.

Not that I disagree with the sentiment of all of the angry people in that thread, but it did get off topic. I would imagine it was started by @pgEcho because he is directly involved in THAT facet, but not necessarily in the aspects that everyone is upset about. I understand it’s all related, but dude was just trying to get feedback for his niche topic.

As to why we all can’t post there; It’s a terrible idea to allow new players to influence PG regarding what spells to put on dragons, since they don’t have a real working understanding of the game yet. Likewise, those without Atlas experience have no real business trying to comment or sway the development of Atlas features/mechanics.

Now if this a meant as a “The Game is terribly imbalanced” thread, then great, go right ahead. To that point, at my level, I can only comment that, since the re-balance and subsequent re-re-balance, My base has not changed much, but I am now getting attacked more frequently than before, and more attacks are successful. This leads me to believe that my base is less effective than it was prior to 4.0, and the only changes I have made was to upgrade a single blue mage a few times, which SHOULD mean it’s actually stronger than before, not weaker.

yeah i get why he posted in the restricted atlas area. its “atlas content”, but come on it has effect on all players so everyone should be allowed to comment. besides that the broad player base has access to seasonal riders too, so they are familiar with it.

the entire thread escalated into a general balance bashing thread, echo couldnt know that, i agree. but it is as it is. maybe he should move the topic to an unrestricted area.

Since the gear he was discussing is the gear available and upgrade able only in Atlas, it’s fair that THAT gear discussion be held in the Atlas section.

i agree. but the first thought that comes to mind when reading 80% dragon attack buff is imbalance. which further worsens the current situation. even if its atlas content, the resulting discussion is balance-related.

where he posted this topic is not the main point of this thread by the way.

Well, once you find that in a plane old war the other party has had Atlas for several months and a few riders with equipment, you may face a dragon with a 40% boost on attack and def from the rider, and (very rarely) even with an 80% boost, if they buff gear as proposed. Add the regular attack boost and you may face double power dragons in the regular game. That will probably change the outcome of some wars and PVP events.
I have only minimal gear from Atlas on a season divine dragon and it already does make a difference, even though I am still running Sapphire drags.

The “beta” test is going on two years now, they need all the help they can get at this point.

Not being in atlas it’s hard to understand the ratio of getting scrolls and each type of shards and how often you get each class and so on so forth. Before I had Atlas I wondered the same thing.

Since I am here anyway, why PG are being so uptight about Atlas is beyond me. The hold-up as I understand it has to do with land. I would like to know how come the rest of us A) cannot hit invader bases, B) cannot forge rider gear, and C) cannot get our daily “spin” so we can stop losing ground to early adopters. I imagine they think we will not buy the Atlas cow if we get the milk for free, but sure would be a nice gesture on their part.

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This somewhat illustrates my point: people without Atlas MAY be biased just because they don’t have access to the gear and are getting hammered by those who have had the opportunity to acquire Atlas gear.

I don’t have Atlas, never have. Do I think it sucks that those who do have it have certain advantages? Yes. So then am I in favor of buffs for atlas gear? No - because I don’t have it and I don’t want the gap to grow. But eventually (I hope at least) they will open Atlas up to a broader playerbase, and at that point I very well may be in favor of a buff. If I (or anyone else without Atlas experience) start trying to sway decision making in Atlas, our opinions will be based solely on our own biases, lack of adequate information, or hearsay - none of which are positive for the greater good.

I am thinking that this is why you don’t have access to it?


I don’t really see the point of launching a discussion on a topic if you were caught out for cheating…your input would skew anything because it’s not really coming from a players standpoint.

hehe at a point i got fed up with the game and did some lifestyle changes, regarding the state and direction of the game i can recommend that to lots of you :slight_smile: now i spend my war dragon days as a very low spender.

Getting banned isn’t really the same thing. That is like being in prison and saying “I am deciding not to go out today”. Not really a choice.


Are you DonnieDarko as well?

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