Proposed Buffs To Dragon Rider Gear

-We know that rider gear is quite difficult to obtain and takes a lot of time and effort.
-The material cost of Legendary versus common/rare/epic gear is quite large.
-The added buffs provided from each rarity bump doesn’t seem to be meaningful enough to justify the effort/crafting cost.
-Its difficult to fully notice/appreciate the benefit of a dragon rider unless they have full outfits of leveled up gear.
-Seasons rider gear (rare quality) was much easier to obtain making crafted gear from Atlas more of a pain.

Proposed Changes:
-Increase the buffs to gear to reflect the difficulty and material cost
-Reduce the crafting scroll quantity requirement by 50% to craft items

Max Possible Gear Buff With Full Set of Gear By Rarity:
+80% Dragon Attack +80% Dragon HP -> Legendary Gear
+40% Dragon Attack +40% Dragon HP -> Epic Gear
+20% Dragon Attack +20% Dragon HP -> Rare Gear
+10% Dragon Attack +10% Dragon HP -> Common Gear

For reference here are the current stats in game before this proposed buff:
+25% Dragon Attack +25% Dragon HP -> Legendary Gear
+14% Dragon Attack +14% Dragon HP -> Epic Gear
+8% Dragon Attack +8% Dragon HP -> Rare Gear
+5% Dragon Attack +5% Dragon HP -> Common Gear

Dragon Defense Gear would also be scaled in a somewhat similar fashion, but we’ve seen that players tend to care much more for dragon attack gear and don’t engage nearly the same in Defensive Dragon Rider gear.

Do players have feelings about the proposals to these changes to gear crafting costs and gear stat buffs?


How about we fix bases first before making dragons stronger. ffs


are you reading the post on harbinger dragons?

so they slap this better gear on harbs and they get stronger?

you guys seem to have a massive disconnect to the game.

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Do you even play this game… like at all?


Good idea, make dragons even more overpowered. You guys must consider yourselves up there with Albert Einstein, the logic path you follow is unmatched.

Thank you for understanding this. Especially as leveling the gear up appears to have minimal effect while taking extra time and shards.

I like the addition to buffs idea, but don’t see a major need for reducing scrolls needed. Instead, just reward hard work by providing more scrolls in the Atlas prizes for events and it should balance out.

That seems like a huge buff. Now that towers are easier to defeat, do you really need to make defending that much more difficult? The others seem more reasonable.


Ant vs Elephant…PG solution, find an even bigger elephant…lol wtf haha


Honestly heroin addicts would prefer to just keep on getting heroin but that doesn’t mean it is a good idea.


Hmmm did I lose a couple months? Is it April 1st? Wars are already jacked up. When you can 5 flame a max base easily with 3 defenders the game is jacked up. Do y’all even realize how bad you’ve broken our bases?

Y’all have done some dense things in the past. However, I didn’t even think y’all were bad enough to think this.

Sure why not?

I’m all for this… and will we get credit for all the materials used so far? Or will the gear automatically upgrade to these proposed levels?

@pgEcho do you guys just not talk to each other?

Let’s imagine 4.0 never got reversed. So now we’ll have crappy bases able to be soloed by players 100-200 levels BELOW the base level, then we have new shiny Harbs that are so OP as to require probably 50 tower levels to catch up (based on the 4.0 tower profiles), then you also want to now increase rider gear abilities? Can’t make this up!

But 4.0 did get reversed thank God, but Harbs are still OP, farms HP still nerfed, and we’re proposing to increase damage profile for dragons. Great! Love the idea! Let’s make the core of the game (wars in case you were wondering what that is) irrelevant!

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Sure I’m all for boosting right riders. AFTER WE FIX THE BASES WE ALREADY PAID FOR.

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@harbinger dragons we haven’t released tower levels for harbinger dragons yet. Those will be coming out in the next fortification event, so a harbinger dragon should roflstomp a base now considering it doesn’t have towers built for it yet.

@towerbalance the damage of darkflaks was increased back to pre broken levels this past Friday. It was definitely far too easy, but these changes should have made quite a difference already in the average win rates versus defended bases. have you had a chance to get enough defended bases since the change went in Friday?

@gearbuffs if you felt tower balance was in a good place, where it was before the debacle what would your thoughts be on the proposed gear changes?

Have you noticed any change since Friday? Large boosts to flak damage were put in place.

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Id have to say lets try reducing the cost first lol

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The gear will automatically upgrade to the new power.

Bases are still junk. A neptus shouldn’t solo a max base with full health. This translates to you making new levels so high you will create a HUGE seperation between players.

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This still is pretty ridiculous, look at what % of your game is at the point vs what % of the game can get Harb dragons. There is easier and then there is “I didn’t notice a base was there”

NOBODY has thought tower balance was in a good place…it just wasnt as fucked as it is now.

A “boost” implies it was added with a net gain…you simply undid the mega-nerf.

Once again, let’s recap, you made Noctua way too OP, then released 60 towers to combat those, then nerfed said towers, then undid it, then re-nerfed it, then released Harb that made the everything way too easy and now want to make already unstoppable dragons MORE unstoppable…I mean, come on, do you think at all before you do anything?


So you’re in favor of making bases much harder?

If done, then how would you feel about gear?

WAIT you’re kidding right? You think dragons need to be stronger? Have you ever played the game?