Proposed Buffs To Dragon Rider Gear


You fixed towers back to where they were… you know when they were still broken? We had C towers. You said they should be B towers. You gave us D towers… made them C towers again. Now you just want to walk away from the issue and go back to the bank.

Towers need balanced before anything happens.


Thanks for the feedback. I hear you about Harbinger dragons, those tower levels haven’t been released yet, but I expect them to be fairly notable given the feedback.

You seem to also be in favor of increasing base difficulty to make it challenging?

Thoughts on rider gear if balance was in a place you thought was acceptable?


Our last war with NMO was 52 defends. We literally got 1 extra defend because of a disconnect. Between the #1 and #2 team we can do a 50 defend war right now. Do you think that’s even close to balanced?


Leave rider gear alone. A small boost is nice but the proposed boost to them would make dragon tiers near obsolete


I hear you. When was this war out of curiosity?

I definitely think the highest 2 tiers seem to be more out of balance than the rest of the lower levels. Fortunately lower level dragons still can’t beat the toughest bases.


Y’all are playing with the dragon/base balance way too much.


Okay here is what is coming:

Don’t worry guys! We are going to release new towers even though less than 1% of the game is at that stage. They will cost roughly 10000000000 days but they will balance things right out! So how do you like the towers? What? Nobody has them? But these 200 people do…oh shit…150 of them were hackers…haha whoops, would you like us to fix this problem with new towers?

It’s like you have two modes: Impossibly hard or impossibly easy…have you ever heard of middle ground?

I dont even want to comment on rider gear saying IF it was acceptable because all you are going to hear is, “acceptable” and then forget to do the actual balancing part.


Legendary gear is incredibly hard to get, and tiers are anywhere from a 60-100% boost in power. This means all fully maxed out legendary gear is like jumping up 1 dragon tier.


Literally last week


Sorry you feel this way. I know there are a team of people thinking through how to get to the best balanced situation for existing tower levels (not even considering the new tower levels). The plan isn’t just to balance with new towers alone.


Okay, not sure if you have ever actually played your own game…but 5 flames is the max, if I can get 5 flames anytime with ease, wtf do we need another tier for? This is like stabbing someone who has been dead for 5 years and saying…dont worry that will kill him. It is ALREADY maxed out…


I was wanting to know if the change made Friday afternoon PST last week has made any impact on your wars at all. It was a notable change to dark flaks at a minimum.


If that isn’t the plan we shouldn’t even be thinking of further disrupting the balance right now.


Im actually curious to what has changed since the introduction of garnet, emerald, and obsidian tier. My only logical conclusion is flaks so id focus all my attention there…the % jumps on towers and dragons are the exact same from obsidian to harbinger as they were from saphire to obsidian?


Trust me…its not an “I feel this way”, it is a fact, backed by empirical data and experience. The plan IS to “balance” them with new towers, you literally just said that…


There are plenty of people in the game who don’t have Obsidian or Harbinger dragons. There are actually very few that do.

These gear changes impact everyone that has access to gear, so its not only about the elite.

I personally am still trying to finish up the last of garnet, and know that I can’t 5 flame any base I want.


Decrease the cost of gear, increase drop rate, keep the power the same. Gear shouldn’t raise a dragon to the next tier that’s completely ridiculous. If you’re level 300 do you want some no name 160 to sooo you’re base because they have legendary gear for khrysos?


So, if harbinger are currently ONE tier ahead of bases… and we can 5 flame max bases ALL DAY LONG. Even when you increase the tower cap, wouldn’t the new gear unbalance it again? Because towers would be for harbingers and I would have decked out gear on my harbinger. So again we would be out of balance, right?


This is what we are saying…a level 1 can’t solo any base but A Expert Neptus or Destar can, it will literally beat any base, does not matter who the pilot is, as I said I have evidence. Harv was literally NMO’s sole backer for almost every run…if that doesn’t tell you it is broken then I dont know what is.

We are saying the balance between Harbringer Dragons, the current towers and the general cost structure of the game is broken.

The “solutions” literally make things worse and the “fix” is to just undo it.

But don’t worry…the solution isn’t new towers? Im sorry, did you mention anything BUT new towers?


My neptus has never died once it hit harbringer level (not an exaggeration at all which is sad). The ability to build a base with these new towers that supposedly will stop Harbringers is much different from the ability to breed a harbringer. So that’s a good starting point to fix.
What made you believe that the drastic increase in tier power would be good to have in game for over a month before tower levels come out that can combat it?
What made you decide to test a base nerf (I refuse to call it a balance because it wasn’t even remotely that) right as you release a new tier?
Why should myself or any other spenders show good faith in continuing to purchase product based on you saying “well we have new things coming to fix all these problems, they’re just not here yet”? It’s been the same song and dance for far too long now.

Nerftus - tidal surge - red spell . Thank you