Proposed Buffs To Dragon Rider Gear


And why should we have to pay just to bring our bases back to the previous strength they were before the nerf.


Hardly increased at all. Feel free to check my logs. My neptus has never died 48+. There’s well over 500 attacks to check from attacked mainly 1B defense power and up. Your game is ass backwards at the moment


Hmmm i just realized…its very possible that this whole delima is simply because everyone(most) decided to focus on dragon gear first and tower levels for harbinger havent been released yet.

But i have heard information on resource buildings that would make me suggest they need attention as well.


Level 60 towers were not doing the amount of damage we paid for. When will this be fixed? It should have been fixed before new dragons, before we make dragons stronger, before we release new levels.

Is PG making a stance that you will brush this under the rug and walk away from it? I paid for level 60 towers, and they are still not doing what they’re suppose to do, correct?


I don’t even know what to say.

I appreciate that @pgEcho is asking for feedback before something is implemented. But, there appears to be a total disconnect between the “teams” at PG Central.

The towers are not balanced.
The game is usable, but it’s not where it needs to be. As Panda said, it’s less effed up now. Or as BTG said, you undid a mega nerf, which is hardly the same as a buff.
Also, did we forget there was a POWER CAP that was hidden from the players by disconnecting power level from attack power? And that this cap is what made level 60 towers necessary in the first place?
Every new element adds additional complexity to an already complex problem.
Gear is far to expensive for the effects it offers right now. (So, yes, this is a problem, but it’s not one that breaks the game.)

“What we have here if a failure to communicate.


That makes it sound like an accident, this seems pretty intentional.


Id like to know…who all here has focused primarily on tower gear and is an end gamer/ heavy roller? And id like to know if their opinion is the same as most.

I can only speculate as im no where near max on anything.


This debacle is because they obviously don’t talk to each other.

Why release a new tier if they haven’t released towers to beat it?
Why then nerf bases after they released a new tier when they haven’t released towers to beat new tier?
Why look at increasing dragon power when they haven’t released towers to beat the new tier?
How sure can they be that the new towers will allow defence vs the new tier?
Supposedly dragons double in power every new tier (according to Echo) - what part of the new tower charts shows a doubling of power every 5 levels (I’m assuming 5 levels are what they’re planning to combat Harbs. Hell even 10 levels the power of towers wouldn’t be doubled e.g. DF AP increases by ~60% from level 40 to 60)



You can’t allude to things or use sarcasm…like if I said “Good fucking work”, that will be taken literally.


Well which came first the chicken or the egg?..i believe @pgEcho stated the buff would also be for tower gear.


His post is literally focused on dragon power. He even said this:

I’ll translate that as - we’ll do defensive gear as an afterthought after we release dragon attack gear.


THAT RIGHT THERE is what my previous post suggests is the problem here :slight_smile:


Most everyone thought its best to go full blown dragon gear…


The other problem is that we have people that have only made it halfway through the game (no offense) creating new content with hopes and guesses of if it will be effective or not. The first half of the game is a toss up of dragon choices. The higher the level of the base, the more skill should be needed. The harbinger class was created for 5 year olds that can present a button and hold ignito down (assuming they have their parents credit card beforehand).


I only got defensive gear :man_shrugging:


Are u an end gamer? Bc im doin just fine for my level of competition.


Ha! no. I’m 139


Then wtf lol


@pgEcho – right now man, this is a really bad idea. This should be tabled until the game is fixed enough that we agree it’s worth spending our money on.

Right now, I don’t think there are very many players feeling all that confident about PG’s ability to think past about 9 AM, much less tomorrow.

On the scale of problems that need to be fixed, armor for riders not being strong enough is WAAAY down on that list. Like, right below the “OMG–I cant click my spells because a huge effing avatar is covering half my screen!”