Proposed Buffs To Dragon Rider Gear


Dragon defence gear should be increased - bases need to be harder. I’m fine with dragon buffs if towers get increased as well. Farms needs to be somewhere close to where they were pre nerf. When a team wars you and every single backup is an expert neptus from the 1 or 2 people that have it - kind of takes the fun out of it - regardless of level or # of defenders. If you plan to release the new tier of towers next fortification then it would be wise to have defender gear with substantial effects to help buff the base up in a more substantial way (I would argue perches as well) so that when new dragons are released, teams stand some chance of defending the wallet warriors until the new towers come out.

Glad your guys are listening but you need to carefully think this out, look at the data, and make logical concise decisions. I realize most players aren’t in d1/2 but those players are the heart and soul of the game and I’m assuming spend the most. They are the ones who got you here. You can’t have people spend money then take away base strength after the fact.


I agree, maybe its just the fact that defense gear needs adjusting or new tower levels need to come out…or maybe its just end gamers not having max gear for most their towers. This sounds like a job for the mystery squad.

How well was noctua able to take out bases when it first came out? All ive heard is neptus neptus neptus…guess which dragon i suggest might need nerfing.
@pgEcho ur thoughts?


I feel like you posted this potential change to the game to troll my post about your game being in the toilet with dragons being remarkably over powered and bases being about as useful and costly as BitCoin. If this is the case could one of my Mod friends please envoke a ban on Echo for not following the forum rules.


Why stop at 100% boost, might as well make it a 250% buff to level the playing field


Waoh waoh waoh hold up, timeshift then rewind…

Is the problem towers or dragons? I just heard opposing opinions.


Ok @pgecho, I’ve taken a deep breath and had some tea. From a nowhere near endgamer (level 139 Plat 2) perspective:

  • Would I prefer Defensive or Dragon gear?
    – Defensive
  • At my level are towers balanced vs dragon power?
    – Generally OK at my level - similar levels could perhaps prep my base defended, but definitely cannot solo defended.
  • Should Legendary gear grant +80% boosts?
    – Noooo. What will Mythics be? +160%? If you really want to buff the stats, just x1.5 from current
  • Reduce scroll quantity by 50%?
    – Yaaas please.


All sarcasm aside: both.




I’m going to have some tea, do a little yoga, and hope that when I come back, Echo has realized this is a bad time to introduce this improvement.


Lmao yeah a bit too soon perhaps but i believe it will lead to a solution.


Im dying :joy::joy::joy:

Yall are ruthless


You’re going to have a “new content” message when you get back :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:




Mostly undo. “Look, I fixed it!” Hands dead bird with head taped on to blind kid.


I heard about the res buildings…i say put em back on top then let a few top teams war it out for a few days and see where we’re at. @pgEcho


It would appear Echo lobbed his grenade into a crowded room to see what would happen. Possibly this was a distraction so he could stroll to the control tower to press the deploy update button.


Lol this seems like a tangled ball of christmas lights that dont work and gotta check each bulb to see which needs replacing.


Maybe this will be the final tier of dragons and lvl65 towers will take a year each to build :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


The cadence for the longest time has been:

-Release new dragon tier during a breeding event so everyone that wants doesn’t have to wait to breed, and breeds them during that event.
-Release the subsequent tower levels for those dragons in the following fortification event. If we release the towers earlier than that most players can’t event level them up yet because it would be silly to do that before the fortification event. Even if we released them at the same time the new tier of dragons would remain OP until the following fort event.

It sounds like everyone here is complaining about Harbinger dragons being OP versus towers that are made for Obsidian dragons. Totally hear you they are stronger, and that has also happened on previous dragon tier releases.

Could others answer me this question… do people feel that Obsidian dragons are also stupidly OP against level 60 towers which they were supposed to be paired against (after the balance update last week)? Or is the balance more reasonable at that level? If you believe it to be still off do you think its still off by a lot or a little?


As an FYI there would be no Mythic Gear. Legendary would be the top.