Proposed Buffs To Dragon Rider Gear


My question still stands. Are level 60 towers working properly. We haven’t fixed that issue and we are unbalancing it even more. Towers STILL aren’t fixed.


That really weird. I didn’t see any new towers in the subsequent Fort event? I don’t think anyone else saw these new tiers either. I suppose the cadence must have changed, in which case everything you just wrote is erroneous.


I speak only for myself.

It is not really the overall order of events that is the issue here. In general, the order you describe works well enough.

But at this particular moment, we are all looking at a great deal of uncertainty and instability in the development of the game. It seems to me that it would be more beneficial for everyone if the core of the game could reach a certain stability so that it could then be built upon.

I do agree that, for the cost, legendary armor is not worth the added benefit. I am not saying this should not be resolved. I AM saying, there are WAY bigger fish to fry.

I feel like listing them out is merely repeating myself (or others) and what we have said many times in many threads.

I think this is why you got such a rapid and explosive response. The timing of this suggestion, unfortunately, could hardly have been worse.


This issue is not really the cadence: it is the balance and feel of things, in the past when towers were released there were two major differences. Bases were beatable but you could kill a dragon on it, that is impossible now with Harbringer tier. Also, towers have grown very rapidly in cost so please once again: LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE THAT ARE AT THIS POINT , very few bases are and I am sure you looked at the data before the mass ban wave and it seemed like the game had an overflow but there is not. Towers need to be scaled up in power to at least present a challenge to the dragons AND cost structure or prizing/supply needs a massive overhaul.


This is incorrect. Defensive Dragon gear would be released with buffs at the same time. And it would have around the same benefit as the dragon gear.


So…you are saying you are going to release things that negate each other for a cost, and lead us back to the original starting point but with greater expenditure. lol…what?


Sounds like you are describing new tiers of dragons and higher tower lvls :rofl:


It sounds like you are saying the plan is to release two things that will effectively counterbalance each other, but given their expense, that is not what will happen. The divide between heavy spenders are all others will grow significantly, especially if these two components coincide with new tower levels (but why are we talking about new levels when we can see that the towers we have are not performing at their original levels?).

So, we create a greater division, effectively making certain bases unassailable and certain dragons unstoppable, and the critical element in this “success” is dollars. Am I understanding your proposal correctly?


So you’re saying that if we spend a bunch of money for Legendary Gear we can come full circle back to the conundrum we have now? Wow what a bargain!!!


Other than this scaling too highly (will look at actual numbers later), a large swath of the playerbase doesn’t have Atlas. As there’s not necessarily a huge rush for this, maybe it’s something that could be put off until then?

Atlas, Riders and atlas rewards

But you could spend money now?!?!


The playerbase that doesnt have atlas doesnt matter, unfortunately.


The playerbase that does, they also dont matter so damn…


Then i understand this thread perfectly lol


Serious note, sounds like res buildings need to be fixed and neptus spells looked at.


So, I havent seen anyone complaining about this issue. However increasing egg tokens, the fact that All tiers get the same event prize (are you kidding me?), runes and glyphs being able to be removed, atlas glitches, tower balance, EVERYTHING COSTING MORE and nothing is going up (except 8k rubies per $100, which does nothing for the free players) . It seems we have a huge disconnect. We’ve been begging for help in these areas, however y’all just wanna do your own thing.


Just clarifying that this is about individual event prizes @pgEcho. One cause of the sandbagging effect.


Individual prize wise its always been beneficial for non spenders to stop at the half sigil mark like 450. And you lose more than you earn from that point forward.

All these different problems and opinions make everything so confusing…personally the only thing i could care about is more tokens but everyone already getting more than me there bc the main times i do missions is when im farming for atlas, res, or points.

Bases easily solod with 3 defenders, res buildings weaker, new tier costing too much, towers overpowered…im getting dizzy


No it’s isn’t about individual prizes. D1 shouldn’t get the same team prizes as D2. S1-3 shouldn’t get the same team prizes etc etc etc. this should have been fixed months ago.


Agreed…u know their solution will be to lower the lower tiers tho, not increase the higher ones.

Could also look into increasing rewards that teammates get from someone buying a pack.