Proposed Buffs To Dragon Rider Gear


Dragons are overpowered/Towers are too weak. Solution: Make Dragons stronger lol.


Stop! Ur confusing the shit out of me!!! Lol the tower gear will get same buff as the dragon gear if or really when that does happen.


I think I know the solution…turn off the Atlas servers and make everyone happy…or…get actual servers for Atlas that don’t create a lag for everything you try to do in Atlas.

Explain to me why I had to exit in and out of the game 7 times today to claim 10 atlas rewards. And no I did not submit a ticket. No point when you already know the Atlas servers suck ass.

As for changes to rider gear, are you serious? Why don’t you fix the things that are really an issue in the real game of Atlas.

For the love of gawd, bring back the Ashenvale Alliance so the people in there can tell you how stupid most your ideas are. Hell, they came up with the idea of a new tier for teams and then you guys butchered it, maimed it and then bastardized our suggestion to put 8,412 teams in the sapphire league.

Oh and the recommendation to buff rider gear is dumb


Here is my 2 cents:

I do think that it makes some sense to offer paid riders with gear that is closer to max. The reason being is that I’m competing with folks who have had atlas for a long time, and the fairly expensive seasonal riders don’t really hold a candle to an atlas rider with maxed legendary gear. I think it makes sense to offer non atlas folks the same benefits in the seasonal lines.

That being said, you have terrible timing. The tower nerf (which was mostly undone) made towers way too weak, so the topic of making dragon riders stronger probably stings a little.

To me it’s only allowing players who don’t have great gear to catch up with folks who already do. So it’s not really increasing anything as many already have it…

Your question on dark flak being stronger is to me a bit missing the point. As I understand it, the attack damage cap was raised for regular attack. This is great and all, but 99% of the time it is the supershot damage that matters which is effectively unchanged.

Undefended I haven’t seen any difference in my base, but i basically only get hit with harbingers now, so it would be hard to notice a difference.

Defended after reverting I can actually defend my base now (rather than watch it go down with 3 defenders)

I do think both dragons and towers are horribly broken.

Dark flak needs to change. It shouldn’t be able to replace 3 towers. The problem is that they are critical to most defenses which current dragons are calibrated for. Reducing them cannot happen without also reducing dragons.

I don’t think there is anyway to fix the balance issue without touching both dragons and towers at the same time. If we raised all towers to the relative effectiveness of dark flak, bases would become too strong and would need changing. Reducing dark flak also requires reducing dragons. There is no good way to untangle this ball of string.

The other issue which has been highlighted is cost. Each new set of towers cost the amount of the previous set plus an additional increase. Anyone actively playing should be actively progressing at their own rate. Imagine if you pay rent for an apartment, and every month your rent goes up by a moderate amount. At first you just pay it, but eventually after 12 months you are starting to reach a point where you can’t afford it anymore. That’s basically this game currently. Level 65 towers should not cost more than level 60 cost when it was new. But they do. Eventually you will indirectly evict all of your tenants. You can’t keep raising the cost. Play in the game should be closer to a subscription where you get x benefit for y cost. If your tier 1 spenders are being sold something at their ideal price point, you should not want to increase it next tier unless their ideal price point also increased. (And it hasn’t).

What is happening is that increasigly people are deciding they can’t cross into the next tier while decreasing satisfaction and willingness to spend.


Why cant we just pick what we want to craft? Like for common it would cost 50 scrolls and 1k shards. Then rare be 75 scrolls and 2k shards. Epic 100 scrolls and 3k shards. Legendary 200 scrolls and 5k shards. Leaving things to chance sucks cuz you end up with a ton of commons that you cant do anything with and you dont get anything for destroying them…


@pgEcho You need to play the game more. This is an awful idea and the fact that you want to add more tower levels is just idiotic. Towers are not properly balanced and before you add more levels you should first fix that balance.

@Harbringer: We got 10 levels for obsidian dragons. Fix the towers to accommodate harbringers don’t release more towers. Sure you fixed Flak but all the standard towers need a boost to make them more viable.

@towerbalance. you fixed one tower. the game is still messed up.

@gearbuffs. Part of the reason why you needed 10 levels for obsidian was because gear had too much of an impact. gear doesn’t need to be stronger. Although i support the idea of making it slightly easier to craft.


Wishful thinking but they seem to think it’s fine that harbingers will be “roflcopter” over powered for 2 months.


i know. This game is run horribly. There is a reason i left diamond and my spending.


Isn’t that the sad truth?

It’s unbelievable what PG is doing I actually have no words…

Don’t release new towers @PGEggToken just remove bases from the game they aren’t relevant anyways anymore. :man_facepalming:t2:


Don’t forget that they’ve basically said if you even want a chance at stopping Harbringers that you will need to build your base full of towers that are all well above level 60. So you just need a majority of the player base to spend about 10-20k on their base and things will work themselves out😂


A single harbinger can solo now a triple defended maxed base. Two harbingers WILL solo lv 65 tower bases. Make that 70s with that gear proposal.


You haven’t seen anyone complaining about these things?

The many balance threads, both still alive and already dead cover all of them. PG has simply ignoring their players.

Some of us have been sounding this alarm for a long time. But, so far, it has done no good.


Until they nerf those towers


As I said, “I don’t even know what to say.”

The level of disconnection required for this proposal to even be made to the players at this time is beyond comprehension.

I do not think PG realizes the precariousness of the present situation.


@SavageAFforPG remember when I said never ask for anything specifically PG will do the EXACT opposite?

Well here we are we asked for stronger bases and now we get stronger dragons



Two reasons. he first starts with “m” and ends in “oney.” The second, this makes sense. So, based on everything you have seen in the past 18 months, why would something that made sense happen?


plus there would be no one actually crafting anything but Legendary gear…


Oh no, the bases will be stronger too:


So, they are going to balance it all out.

Or not…

So, drop that on a rider with good buffs and put him on Destar, and now you have T13, when T12 was only partially released a few weeks ago.

This brings no balance to the force!


Lol not at all.

The pitiful buffs on defender riders where no one knows how correctly they are working (or not) won’t make up to dragons with 2bn ap. Even if they buff it 4x.

Every shot of a harbinger hunter with that gear will be like an abomb


This is an excellent analogy.

I’m sure the response will be no, you’re actually getting a better room. And while this is technically true, it is offset by other factors (any improvement in dragons is offset by both increased cost and better towers and any improvement in towers is also offset by increased cost and stronger dragons).