Proposed Buffs To Dragon Rider Gear


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@SavageAFforPG let’s see if that works you know what I mean… :wink:



Delete attack towers from game just leave us farms and mills and let us buy war flames with wood. :eyes:


I‘m one of those „tweener“ players at lvl 300 with a decent base setup (not perfect, but not a noob design either), dragons on Obsidian, but not a mythic Obsidian yet and a couple of breeding events and base levels away from Harbinger tier.
Prior to 4.0 release and the slight roll back, my base could stop a then standard attack in a war with Noctua. A Kinnarus couldn’t get to 70% undefended in normal run. After 4.0 and roll back, my base is weak and I can’t stop dragons that used to be a piece of cake. My front end is 50+. So…overall, my base isn’t as strong, as it used to be.
Now to your original question:
While I understand, that you want players to benefit from Atlas rider gear and it’s effects, the buffs presented are way over the top. The players already in Harbinger tier owning Expert Neptus and Destar will most likely have a set of epic and/or legendary gear for the rider. Potentially not leveled to the max, but still providing a nice boost already. With the new buffs, some of these now completely overpowered dragons (yes…I understand, that new tower levels will be released to counter these dragons and feed the whales), will be equipped with more powerful gear, which makes new tower levels obsolete the minute you roll out the gear buff update. Which basically means, all effort put into the theoretical balancing tower level release, is meaningless and you didn’t change anything.
We lost a couple of frustrated players already after 4.0 release and we might loose more around my level, since we are starting to feel useless in higher leagues.
To give you some understanding, what I mean:
Lower level players could help a team in a lot of ways. One was defending hard in wars. Due to the nerf and Harbinger release, war mechanics changed a lot. Pre Harbinger/nerf, a team tried to kill the bigs first in well coordinated waves, focusing on easy to kill smalls after that. Now, you need one good wave to kill as many small players as possible. Most of these bases can be soloed with decent dragons by mediocre flyers, since nothing holds them back anymore (farms used to do that more or less, depending on base design). After killing those smalls with a minimum given defense points to the opponent, you just walk over bases with Neptus or Destar and kill remaining big bases without being able to do much in defense. So this Part of the game becomes less important, thus smalls can’t really contribute a lot anymore. Since you plan to release new tower levels and increase dragon attack power as well, nothing will change for the end game players. You aren’t balancing anything.
And if players realize, that it doesn’t matter, if the upgrade to the new tower levels or not, they won’t buy into them. Some egomaniac credit card warriors will still invest for sure, but those with a head on their shoulders, that’s actually equipped with a fully functional brain, which they also use, won’t pay money to buy those fancy numbers anymore. Because these numbers don’t mean anything, if you roll out those buffs. As already mentioned - you don’t balance anything. You might even make it worse.

Rant over


I think lowering the cost of what we have now is a good start. or as someone else suggesting giving more crafting scrolls to those who work their butts off in atlas in the prizes. I don’t think it is time to buff the gear even though my initial reaction was, “hell yeah” but a lot of these people are right the balance needs to be first. PG needs to work on the foundation of the game so balance can be steady while adding buffs. Adding buffs now is adding them blindly.


Not surprised this is basically a proxy war over balance issues.

Endgame balance is in a bad place right now, but as many others have said, it’s really a larger issue in that the only answer to even attempt to balance things is to sell pixels that have skyrocketed in price. At the current pace, we are probably 6 months to a year away from the end game being Harv, a few others and a bunch of hacked accounts able/willing to afford (or illicitly obtain) the end game content. Teamwork, clever strategy, coordination, even ability to fly–none of it matters. It would be preferable if (i) the content itself was balanced properly and (ii) it wasn’t priced in a neverending spiral to eventually push out almost every legit player.

Until these issues are addressed in some fashion, I don’t see how you could ever properly balance rider gear.


I would hate if Atlas provides an even greater advantage over the many teams that do not have Atlas. This is a change that would come early enough after a full release. The focus now should be to solve the problems that prevent full release.
Also, the proposed buffs would only widen the gap between the ones already powerful and willing to spend more and the moderate spenders.


Yea you right lol


Yes we have feelings :stuck_out_tongue:

I‘m against the proposal.

  • The old buffs are perfectly fine and give enough opportunity to keep on playing/crafting/farming for a long time
  • The buffs would be way too extreme.
  • The buffs would greatly divide teams especially in lower leagues where some teams don‘z have Atlas access yet.
  • The dragon buff would outpower the defense rider buff by far. Most players have much stronger dragons than bases, usually they only have 1 perch and even most players with Obsidian dragons have max 2 perches unless their base is spreaded out and sucks. Only a handful of players have maxed bases with 3 perches. Even with 3 perches, there are not enough defense gear pieces available to buff the attack and defense of all towers to counter the easy ATK+HP buff to dragons from dragon gear.


Regarding gear; reduce cost instead of increasing power. It sounds like your concern is that gear’s rarity outweighs its benefit. If so, the idea is to add value, yes? Increasing power would further unbalance the game while decreasing cost promotes accessibility without affecting balance. Achieve the same end by different means.

As for this debacle involving tower levels for harbinger dragons, this is a horrible idea. There are so many things that need attention first before we pile new tower levels out on top of them. For example, the tower adjustments are not even complete! Farms and mills, ice flak, trebuchet, etc… Please don’t add levels to already broken towers. It will make it more difficult to fix them by exacerbating the chasm between what is and what should be.

Dragon balance is the other. Level 60 towers are supposed to be balanced for obsidian dragons, and yet there is only one obsidian dragon that stands a chance (Noctua) and that is in the hands of a somewhat skilled flier with excellent runes and a leveled up dragon rider. This Noc will still crash and burn if there are any defenders, so no, I’d say the towers are not matched to obsidian dragons. However, the solution is not to weaken the towers, but to fix the issue of useless warrior and sorcerer dragons. Noctua only looks “OP” because the others are so underwhelming.

This should be the priority sequence:

  1. Finish adjusting current towers to a balanced state
  2. Boost up warriors and sorcerers & establish a line of communication with players regarding spell sets to avoid another Mafic (almost good, spells not quite what they should be)
  3. Roll out atlas to the rest of the community
  4. Introduce new content


Great points.
Sadly, new tower levels will come next fort, we can‘t stop it as they already released Harbingers.
And because game balance < money.
I‘m not even sure if they can get the farm/Ice Flak balance out before they drop new tower levels :man_facepalming:t3:


I’m sorry but that is just not true. Ryho and Mafic are both well equipped for level 60 towers prior nerf disaster


I want to see Mafic or Rhyo lead against a defended full lvl60 tower base.
Videos please :slight_smile:


Not every dragon is meant to lead, does not mean they’re not equipped for tower levels.


The way I see it, PG openly admitted that those dragons were underperforming and gave them additional levels.
If a dragon with correctly scaled power is underperforming, it means that its spellset sucks. Giving additional levels is a bandaid.
Everyone would have agreed to make Noc the mythic and Mafic the Legendary.


What I would like to reflect on is when the obsidian tier was released. Please think back on the power difference between noctua and morphos. Even before new tower levels were released, it was possible to kill an expert noctua. Now look at the variance from noctua to Harbringers. The power difference is astronomical. That’s the point I’m trying to make here. Oh and this gear change would probably double that already existing disparity.


Since this thread was about Atlas rider gear perhaps the tower levels need their own thread?


no… they ARE increasing the buffs: Current max legendary gear = 25%, new max would be 80%.

And what are you talking about with that last sentence… you still wont be able to get legendary gear if you dont have atlas.

Max Possible Gear Buff With Full Set of Gear By Rarity:
+80% Dragon Attack +80% Dragon HP -> Legendary Gear
+40% Dragon Attack +40% Dragon HP -> Epic Gear
+20% Dragon Attack +20% Dragon HP -> Rare Gear
+10% Dragon Attack +10% Dragon HP -> Common Gear

For reference here are the current stats in game before this proposed buff:
+25% Dragon Attack +25% Dragon HP -> Legendary Gear
+14% Dragon Attack +14% Dragon HP -> Epic Gear
+8% Dragon Attack +8% Dragon HP -> Rare Gear
+5% Dragon Attack +5% Dragon HP -> Common Gea


@PGEcho This feels like the same thing as the 60 towers…you are selling a “solution” to a problem that doesn’t exist.


and they are going to extremes again too… why more than triple the usfulness of gear! thats crazy


I guess I misunderstood what they were saying. That seems like a terrible idea then. I thought they were just extending maxed legendary armor to seasonal riders and reducing the cost for atlas players.

I’m not sure why they wouldn’t just make it cheaper to get the max legendary and/or let the seasonal riders have max legendary gear

Maybe I’m way off, but I think PG is really saying “now that then shards are all on the first page, not enough people are buying the full line, how can we make more people buy the full line?”

Basically they realized that there wasn’t value (perceived or otherwise) there and want to add it.