Proposed Buffs To Dragon Rider Gear


That‘s exactly what I was wondering.
Where is the problem with the current gear buffs?
How did PG come up with this idea?
Who even complained about buffs being too low?
I just don’t get it :man_shrugging:t3:


The only part I’ve agreed with so far isn’t reducing costs. Scrolls are a pain to get.


This latest tower BS is literally just a charade to get people to spend more money, and to give players at the top something to do- which is to re-level the towers they have without needing to increase the power. Creating more powerful towers would essentially further exacerbate the “imbalance” in the game. With dragon rider gear becoming mainstream they spike more activity in ATLAS (which is what they want) to collect shards and territory. Due to this spike in gear they will purposely and severely under-deliver in dragon performance in future tiers so that you HAVE to get dragon riders and gear for them to be worth anything, creating yet another imbalance. It’s pretty classic move to create a problem and then create a convenient solution that makes us pay more and gets us to believe it’s a great thing. Much like what happened with dragon cost, and “oh look, now you can get more egg tokens in ATLAS. Just own lots of territory, and level up infrastructure with gold.”


Don’t know if suggested elsewhere, but they could make it like other games where you have to stack a certain number of lower rarity items together to get a higher rarity item. Say stack 3x common pants to get 1x rare. So on and so forth. They can even make a little mini game out of it (see Infinity Blade 3 for an excellent execution of this). That would make forge interesting again.


This idea has been proposed for runes as well.


I’m not sure why people are ignoring this part of the proposal. I think this is a great idea. Panda recommended in a different thread that crafting scrolls become more plentiful and I agree that they are painfully scarce. It takes forever to craft armor and the drops are terrible if you are trying to get anything above rare. I really think we should support this one.


its being ignored because it is the only thing in the proposal that is a decent idea… we dont need to pat PG on the back for doing something right. We give them feedback based on what is wrong with the proposal.




Because they don’t deserve praise for how this game is run lol


I praise the currentcrafting system :joy:
Seriously there‘s bothing wrong with it in my opinion.


I thought it was most obvious so went with the tangents.


I only see one tiny issue, if you have a top tier dragon with maxed out gear then your towers would basically count for shit. like the harbingers vs 60 towers now.


I like the buffs. Can we get our crafting scrolls returned to us for the gear we have already made?


you know they wont… especially since its still a ‘Beta’ so those that used them (myself included) doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on in making such a request since as it is you have a huge head start when it comes to gear grafting then everyone else.


I really enjoy the crafting feature that forces you to spend gems to remove any gear that you would like to salvage if it’s already equipped. So your paying to throw something out, which is such a generous thing that they make us do.


no different than runes on a base… But it is funny that Riders are like ‘street workers’. You need to give them money for them to take their clothes off. lol


Just in the off chance you are unaware, you can equip a new piece of gear overtop the old one to destroy it for free. (No rubies required, but you don’t get shards for it)


That doesn‘t work when you want to put a different elemental gear on the rider because you want to put it on another dragon.
Also you can‘t destroy it because you can‘t take the rider off unless you have a naked rider to swap it out (not many have a naked rider leftover).

Why can‘t we just salvage or destroy it without having to out another piece of gear on it, just like we can with runes?
The salvage/destroy button is just not there, you only have to enable it.


again kinda like my ‘street worker’ comparison. They will gladly let you buy them new clothes, but to get them out of clothes it will cost you. lol


Why does it say that in options or a tutorial? No other equip (runes etc) work this way. It presents you with remove or salvage, then if you click salvage it is say you must remove first. Feel like that should be cleaned up.