Proposed Buffs To Dragon Rider Gear


And while we are on it why only rubies to speed up gear crafting or upgrading. Why not speeds, u know, like how the forge side works…


They would exchange it for timers of the same value.

5d cost 1750 rubies when you buy them in the forge.

So they would increase the prices accordingly or even higher than accordingly.

So 4 hours would be something like 21-30 hours then.


True. And id be ok with that, just is a preference of mine i guess. I need better self control is bottom line lol


I’m revisiting this thread because you proposed changes about a month ago, and now we have a crafting event. It would be wonderful to know if/when you plan to implement these changes (at least cutting the costs in half) since scrolls are ridiculously rare for the cost to craft most of the gear needed. @pgEcho


Would these changes be retroactive to gear already leveled up? I have several Legendary gear at level 7 or 8 and it takes hundreds of thousands of materials to get there so have the the buffs be more significant on higher level gear is a great idea.


Yes, any changes should be retroactive!!! For sure!!!


No changes should retroactive. That is the problem PG runs into when ever they try to balance the game for the newer or nonspending players. Everyone is but we spent such and such and so should they. If you make that change then give me the difference back…etc etc etc.


We haven’t heard anything new from the admins about lowering the % of the proposed buffs so I’m still waiting for a reply to all the concerns me and many other players have posted.

The proposal as it stands would bring a lot of imbalance to the game, especially for leagues mixed with Atlas and non Atlas teams.

Riders would also drop in value which means PG could eventually sell less riders through sigils. Why would you spend thousands of sigils for a maxed rider if his buffs only add 8% but gear can add 80%. Many would probably get dragons and a lvl1 rider.


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