Proposed Changes to the Event Screen

I think I’ve seen both of these things before in old posts (I found one of them and put the closed thread below), but I think it would be good for people to give their opinions on helpful changes to the event screen.

  1. Team Chat in the battle tab of the event screen.
  • Some people on the old thread brought up good points.
    • It is good for coordinating attacks, asking for help (in event, for XP, resources, questions, etc.), telling people you can help the next attack or that you can’t help, and just getting their attention. I’ve had to join attacks just to tell people to look at TC.
  • How it can help:
    • It can reduce the time we spend trying to coordinate since we won’t have to load the event constantly and sometimes also load the base layout screen.
    • People won’t accidentally lose energy.
  • FYI, yes we have a little screen for leadership to post strategy, but that doesn’t cover the problems that I stated above.
  1. I’d like to have a little egg mission bubble in the battle tab for the event.
  • I tend to not realize that I finished an egg mission if I’m doing an event for two reasons.
    1. The game always loads with the screen facing the event castle, so I can’t see the egg mission balloon.
    2. I tend to stay in the event screen for a while where I can’t see the egg mission balloon.
  • Why does this matter? It’s not a big deal, but with how few egg tokens us higher levels get compared to the cost of dragon eggs, having a mission reset ASAP is nice. And they don’t reset if we don’t collect them. And if we don’t see them, we might not know to collect them. So I’d like to see them in the event.

Mostly, I personally just want the team chat in the event screen. There may also be other helpful changes or add one to the event screen. Put them in the comments below!


Having to load the event, look for an active player to attack. And then closing the event just to talk to my team mate is very slow way to play the game. An in event chat room would be very helpful. add to that by showing only online team mates

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Dear SelimaLeona,

Please be informed that there is already an “Egg Mission” information. It doesn’t pop up, but easily accessible every time you initiate an attack:

Once the mission has been completed, though, the tokens can’t be claimed, as it’s tied to the miniblimp. A new one can’t be started until claimed.


Yes, that is true. But one can still see if a mission is completed, simply because it disappears from there. Having only 2 or 1 mission on this screen indicates that the rest is complete.

@SelimaLeona great proposal, I absolutely support all points.

The egg mission problem is the same when playing in Atlas.
Everyday it goes like this:
Attack poacher/mine, check missions, see that one was conpleted, close attack screen, wait until Atlas reloads, close Atlas, claim eggs, open baloon, unlock next mission, reload Atlas, reload attack screen, finally launch attack.
Really annoying, I always wondered why eggs can only be claimed from the actual baloon.

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Just linking this here:


I don’t know about others, but the only time I look at that part of the attack screen is when I forgot what my missions were. Otherwise, I never think to look there. That part of the attack screen never gives you an obvious visual indicator that an egg mission has been completed, so it doesn’t ever grab my attention.

Now a giant gold egg floating in the air grabs my attention, but if I’m in the event and can’t see the floating egg, not so helpful.

And ForScience is right, you can’t claim the egg tokens from the attack screen, only from the balloon. So being able to claim egg tokens in the event will make it convenient as well as more easily noticed.

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