Pros and Cons of the new Atlas prize branches

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So we have started a new Atlas Season yesterday and everyone is attacking like crazy and the mayhem has returned…lol. The prize branch layout for the new Atlas season has been significantly changed.

First, we have 3 major branches for offense, and another 3 major branches for defense. Plus we still have the primarch buff branches.

What I like about this new prize layout:

First off, THANK YOU for giving us the ability to get a full set of Elite gear in one season! This was sorely needed!

Also, the prizes look to have been increased across the board, which is great!

We get to pick the type of shard prize we want each time - this is AWESOME!

We also get to pick the element of gear we want each time we can redeem a piece - also AWESOME!

What I don’t care for:

The cost for the braches has been raised considerably! The last prize on a branch used to cost about 6k badges and now it costs twice that!

In addition, the branches for the offensive and defensive gear are now longer than they were before. I was able to complete 3 full branches last season and I estimate I would probably not even finish 2 of the new branches, playing at the same rate as I did last season.

You can no longer just go for an Atlas rider if you want to - you have to complete the other two branches with the gear before you can go for the Rider branch on that tier. This is just plain ridiculous! What if you want offensive gear but a defensive rider this season? What if you only want a Rider and not more gear? This one change has soured me on this season. First off, you have priced the gear alone out of most people’s reach. Players lower than diamond level will be lucky to get one or two pieces of gear, and certainly won’t be able to get a rider now without spending major dollars. This is just not right. Once again PG has exploited a part of the game we ADORE in order to try and make more money. And these changes clearly favor the diamond players over everyone else.

It is getting impossible to compete in Atlas. Level 5 castles never change hands…Level 4 castles are a constant blood bath, and two different castes of players have emerged…those that can play in diamond…and those that cannot. And what the diamond teams have, the lower league teams cannot possibly achieve and more is being lost to the diamond teams every day. Skewing the Atlas prizes this way gives the diamond players yet one more advantage over everyone else…gear that only they can afford to get completely. Riders that only they can afford to get. I am so glad I went for the Riders the first 3 seasons, or I would have been out of luck myself. But I fear for the players who could not get them before…because it will be impossible to get them now.

We did not need higher prizes in the Atlas branches. The new structure is great…but the higher costs and restrictions have made what could have been great changes, an absolute disaster. When I first looked at the new layout and saw a full set of gear would be possible, I felt like I had woken up on Christmas morning to the best present ever…and then when I saw the astronomical cost, and that a rider would no longer be possible…well, it was as if someone had just wrecked my brand new present before I even got to play with it.

PG…Please…I implore you! Stop pricing this game out of the reach of most of your players. Otherwise all you are going to have playing are a bunch of diamond players constantly scrapping with each other while everyone else has given up on getting anything in Atlas. I spend a ton of money on this game, and even I have trouble keeping up now. This has gone from spending the amount of money I would normally have spent on other types of recreation on this game, to now costing almost as much as my mortgage! Clearly things have gotten out of control. Profit is one thing… complete exploitation is another. The regular game has already been ruined by this, and now Atlas is going the same way. Pretty soon there will no longer be a reason to play…it just won’t be worth it anymore.


Correct me if I’m wrong. They merged 2 branch into 1 (previously 2 gears / branch, now 4)


You are right, OP is wrong.


Yes because now there’s 4 pieces of gear vs 2. Maths.

My understanding is that once any gear line is complete, both riders open. @Arelyna can you please confirm? See Lee’s answer below - it is more factually accurate

That’s just too bad with this structure

If nothing changes, you will do as well as you did last season, this season.

If level 5s re never changing hands, and level 4s are a bloodbath, then what is being “lost” to diamond and what is being “gained” by diamond?

As above - you will do as well this season as you did last season

That is true - but main game rider this season is much better than Atlas - long may that continue. (p.s. but bring back the old atlas rider types - I want the rage option)


You can hire either offensive or defensive rider, it doesnt matter what branch you get. The purple shards are used for both season riders.


OK, but that is a small consolation if getting one at all is almost impossible for most players.

Level 4 castles are being lost left and right. That is what diamond is getting.

What does that have to do with glory?


Compared to last season, you have to complete the equivalent of 4 gear branches to do the rider branch. So yeah, it is more difficult for some, but you already pointed out a lot of the benefits too.

It was a reference Red, that’s all. It’s not the main point of my post. I was replying to a comment Grumpy made about my post.

Level 4’s should only be held by those teams who are able to hold them…that’s just the reality of it and how it should be

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It’s not out of reach for anyone who really tries

I’m pretty sure a number of level 5s changed hands last season.

It hasn’t. 330k badges for four gear pieces, exactly as before.

The first gear piece is now less than half the price it used to be too, so for casual players they actually got cheaper. You can get 4 elite pieces with less than 160k badges this season, used to be you could only get two pieces for that.

Well yeah, there’s twice as much stuff in them too. Completing 2 new branches gives you the same amount of stuff 4 old branches had. And guess what? It costs exactly the same too.

Only correct bit in here. Riders are no longer practically free. You used to get a season rider for one week’s worth of sigils, and an atlas rider for one week’s worth of badges. Now you need 30k sigils for a full rider instead of 3/6k, makes sense atlas follows suit.

Then you get shards instead of gear. And if you mean “what if I want the rider for (almost) free?”. Well then you’re out of luck, no more free riders.

Lol, just because you can’t doesn’t mean others can’t. I’m in platinum and completed 10 lines last season. Half my team completed at least 5 lines. If can only manage two pieces of gear (less than 80k badges) then you haven’t been playing at all. I’m over half way there already two days into the season, and still in platinum, not diamond.

I don’t normally use this, but you really just need to learn to play.

No we don’t, and good thing we didn’t get them.

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With all those extra Diamonds u basically can rush through those lines, feels much easier than last season to finish them. And glory has nothing to do with league u are in. Its you make the effort for glory, not team or league. So if you cant complete linies, you slacking🤓


nod nod


You said it yourself; PG is giving you the ability to finish two whole gear sets this season. Each branch has four pieces of gear (which are segregated by HP/AP, which is great, btw) and allows you to choose the shards(!!!) that you actually need to max a full set of gear.

100% buffs on both AP and HP are no joke; where one branch last season could only have gotten you 35%/40% buffs. Should the prices be comparable? Definitely not.

Plan your season accordingly and choose what you can get. You can get a rider; you’ll just need to plan and work for it.

This, though, just pisses me off. I know that two elite-only players in my P2 team managed to max the season via careful planning. I got 3.3m out of the 3.6m glory necessary to max last season, as well, with only erratic elite purchases.

I like layouts that reward effort. Don’t attribute things other people actually work for, and diminish it to a dismissive ‘oh, they spend; oh, it’s accumulated benefit.’ A lot of things in the game are, yes, but not glory.

Even if people do spend past elite to max their Atlas season, they had to work for the troops and work to hunt the glory necessary to do so. These are the people you see appearing on the troops destroyed leaderboard weekly. League and prior accumulated benefit past primes (which you can get buffs for) and troops, don’t really factor much.


I will say it will be good when I start my next set of elite gear but I think I’m worse off since I need two pieces from each line to finish my defensive set. I haven’t sat down to see how much of the line I need to complete but if I want to unlock the rider I have to finish all the way, right?

We shall see

I don’t really understand what the benefit is of bundling these different branches.

  1. The requirements/effort to get an Atlas rider have multiplied by like… factor 8? Correct me if I’m wrong, not sure what the exact factor is. This seems unfair for new players who need riders versus old(er) players (including myself) who got to get all the riders they needed in a more easy way.
  2. The total amount of available Elite gear pieces per season was reduced from 20 to 16. So this patch note is at the least not giving correct information to the players:

Previously, we had 5 Offensive and 5 Defensive Rider Gear branches that contained 2 Elite Gear pieces, but this season, we will reduce the number of Gear branches available while increasing the amount of Elite Gear pieces available.

  1. Another rider was added per season. This, combined with the 2 riders from the regular seasons gives us 4 riders per season. I don’t understand how you give us 4 riders, but not enough shards to level up even 1 set of elite gear. Also: most people have enough riders after about 4 seasons. If you’re not changing anything about the riders themselves, there is no reason to get more riders than you have viable dragons, let alone 4. The riders stay relevant and can be used on any dragon, the dragons are slowly replaced as the seasons progress and new/better/more adapted dragons are released.

Upsides of new structure:

  1. The only upside I am seeing to all this is the one mentioned by PernDragon, which is that you can now focus on 1 element at a time. Allowing you to get a full set of defensive gear and offensive gear per season.

There are more upsides: being able to choose your shard elements for example. But that is not related to the structure of the season reward system.

Edit: did not see that you could choose to skip a piece of gear and trade it for shards. That made half my objections redundant, edited to not obscure the rest of the discussion. Thank you @Morreion @FLAKnIceHole

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I see that I can claim shards instead of the two pieces of gear I already have but is it a “fair” deal? I really don’t know from a shard to gear value perspective.


For me the new lines are a massive improvement. Last season I got 18 pieces of gear, of which I needed only four or five, the rest is just trash cluttering up my inventory, but I was forced to get them to access the shards. Half of the shards also tended to be of a useless (to me) element.

With the new lines every shard is useful, every piece of gear I don’t want can be converted to more useful shards, and I can get 10 useful pieces of gear instead of maybe 4-5.

So yeah, pitty if it doesn’t work out 100% ideal for some very specific combinations of time played and gear achieved.