Prospero Challenge

Hey guys! So I got this idea for a challenge with Prospero. So here’s the main objective of the challenge: fly Prospero against a base with more defense power than the dragon itself. There’s also a couple of rules:

  1. No addon/equip spells
  2. No teammates to back you up
  3. Enemy base has to have 600k+ more DP than Prospero(scales by 900k more DP per every two levels).
  4. Minimum tier for this challenge is gold tier

Have fun!

Just got Prospero hatched yesterday and would LOVE to take this challenge…as soon as PG gets the game fixed so I can attack again.

600k+ is really unspecific in the age of rng dragon ap and base dp :open_mouth:

Also, it doesn’t scale, so you may be better off specifying a singular xp base and the tier of the required prosp.

(Also, Lutrus has a similar challenge, feel free to check that out)

You mean cloak into a kill island? That’s… a terrible strategy. :see_no_evil: You’re going to get hit almost instantaneously by any flaks in the front (especially if it’s a short island). Storm shield might go up too if it’s defended.
Defense power also means very very little. :t_rex:


I’ve experimented and there’s a certain point where the flaks can’t hit but you have to have very precise timing

I know how to blink flaks after they shoot but I don’t think this is what you’re describing + I’m genuinely curious about your strategy. Video? :t_rex:


I’ve only managed to blink flaks using Zotz, I’ll need to practice a bit more with Prospero

I´d love to see some videos people :smiley: still wondering if I should go with Prospero now, or wait for seasonal (already well stocked on sorcs so need a hunter anyways). What can the best flyers do with him?

Why, just why :man_facepalming:t3:


Updated the challenge rules, better?

Seems like a perfect way to waste rage

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