Prospero Enshroud Bug?

I don’t know if my timing is messed up and unfortunately I have no footage but recently I’ve been hit by one last fire flak or ice flak shot after hitting the spell. Anyone else have a similar problem? If so I’ll post a video, but if not, I’ll just assume I’m a noob :slight_smile:

ofcourse you are, you must timing it right when the invisible flak shot is on the mid air and cloak so the shot disappear


Fireflak death shot hits regardless whether yours cloaked or not. To dodge it you need to enter cloak while the death shot is in the air.

Ice flak I don’t think can hit you while in cloak but I may be wrong.


wait are you saying I get hit regardless…?

Fire flak explosions and cloak bugs are so hard for people to understand.

Cloak bug: if you cloak at the same time as the tower is turning/about to load a shot, the tower will hit you in cloak. Solution. Wait for towers to fire or load before cloaking or cloak before they can recognize you. This applies to all cloak derivatives.

Fire flak explosion (aka death shot): when a fire flak dies, it “explodes” and is designed to hit you even when cloaked. This can be avoided however by cloaking after the tower is destroyed but before you are hit by the explosion projectile.


if the freeze shot kill fire flak, will the death explosion fire?

it freezes the death shot at source.


Thank you all!

yes, i notice a glitch with it.
even with the right time, i get hit by supershots etc. @Arelyna

Video’s really help to see if it’s operator error vs true bug :slight_smile:

ill try to make a video !!

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I imagine this will be a universal cloak glitch if that’s the case. Functionally they work the same so the issues will likely crossover IF it’s a bug. I’m putting money on the cloak bug if an ice flaks involved

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The thing that bothers me the most with FF is throwing an AoE past it (none of it was even visible) and it still fired. Not only FF has a last shot but also shots back after you flown it.

I regret not getting it as my 2nd tower…

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