Prospero Rune Setup?



Hi all ( @Lutrus :grimacing: )
I was thinking to equip Prospero with :
Legendary Scarlet Fever Rune ( If I’m lucky and “gain” a Legendary Ammo, should I replace the Scarlet Fever with the Ammo Rune ? )
Mythic Ammo Rune ( rage as 2nd boost )
Legendary Ammo Glyph ( rage as 2nd boost )
Mythic Scarlet Fever Glyph
Legendary Rage Glyph

Do you believe it is worth investing the Ammo on Prospero? Otherwise, what should I do?
Thx u all :slight_smile:


I think this is going to come down to whether or not you see yourself playing for a long time. For example, if you see yourself pursuing a mythic hunter within the next year, I would probably hold those ammo runes for that dragon; the ammo runes are rare as hen’s teeth.

Prospero is a good dragon - don’t get me wrong - but I’m not sure he’s the kind of dragon that I would make that kind of investment in. But again, it is going to come down to what you anticipate your medium-to-long-term goals are going to be. It’s not (necessarily) about where you are now, but where you’re going to be.

I’m sure others will have other opinions on this, but that’s my two cents.


Woo, shoving two or three ammo runes/glyphs on one dragon is a hell of an investment and really depends on your playstyle. Are you going to have him for a long time, and most importantly, do you enjoy flying him? If yes, then do put some good runes on him. I would use one ammo rune/glyph on him and save the other two for future dragons.
Here’s my setup and it’s working well for me so far:

I’m finishing his line this season so he’ll last me a real good while. Otherwise I would not have put the ammo on. :t_rex:


I used all fever runes on him, the rest is rage. I didn’t wanted to put ammo on him because he can fairly recover some with enshroud and stun.


Concur with doc. Those runes are too good for pros. Especially when you have pathox and next season here in 4 weeks.


Acually is till Platinum , i need to train but im waiting feeding event.
Even if low tier, i really like it.
Mythic ammo is “quite easy” to find if u spend thousends of rubies :slight_smile: The Problem are the Glyphs


Pros is a strange hunter. He’s like a sorcerer, dependent on his spells more than anything, so I wouldn’t use ammo runes. Fever is an extremely power spell if used right, IMO, so I used all the fever runes and glyph, a rage glyph and a hunter attack glyph just cause I have tons of epic ones :man_shrugging:


so what do u think about this ?
Legendary Rage and Scarlet Fever Rune
Mythic Scarlet Fever Glyph
Legendary Rage Glyph
Epic Rage OR Hunter attack glyph

ps. The epic Scarlet Fever rune add an effective +2,5 %


Ammo works well with pros bc he has (or is supposed to have) an amazing Damage buff from fever, so having as many fevered shots makes sense, however, it’s currently not working as intended and next season is right around the corner and it’s a legendary.


Hunter attack currently doesn’t do anything to fever, so I’d choose rage.


thats why i was thinking to equip ammo ….
i think i will save the Legendary Ammo Glyph but ill equip Mythic Ammo Rune insted of Legendary Rage Rune. With 12/18k rubies i can get another 1 so it shoudl be :
Mythic Ammo ( rage as 2nd )
Legendary Scarlet Rune
Mythic Scarlet Glyph
Legendary Rage Glyph
Epic Rage Glyph OR another Legendary with different 2nd boost


I’m so envious of your runes/glyphs.


I’m now considering getting the fever glyph for my pathox. I wonder if I’ll have enough sigils… :thinking:


Hehe, need 15.5k


Does the cloak from epic rage glyph have an effect on the enshroud spell?


Nope, only on cloak


I love Prospero, but the only runes I put on him were what came in his line, plus epic and a rare rage glyphs. I only added those because I had a bunch of each; he really doesn’t even need them with the rage from adaptive resist :man_shrugging: .


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