Protect Gold from Raiding or else make it raidable in Atlas Only

So the current situation is gold can be stolen from regular runs against a player, just like wood or food. It cannot be stolen from atlas runs or event runs (also just like wood or food).

However unlike wood and food, you have no way of seeing how much gold your target has. Therefore you cant specifically raid for gold. You just get lucky and sometimes get it and other times you don’t.

Since gold is FAR more limited than wood / food, and there is no way to go out and raid more if you lose it (because you cant see if your targets have any) then Gold should not be able to be stolen. Please make it so that gold cannot be stolen by regular runs.

If the intent is for gold to be raidable then make it so that it can only be taken by runs in atlas and give a way to see how much gold the prim you are attacking is carrying.

Yes I know you can put it in your castle bank as a way to protect it, but the whole 20 minutes thing is such a pain.

Please fix the broken gold raiding mechanism


I agree if its supposed to be raided it should be treated as the other RSS like lumber or food

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I like the way its set up right now. Makes it like a slot machine … not knowing what you’ll get and get giddy when the mother lode is hit. Feels good.

  1. Bank has much bigger transfer limit and capacity for Gold.
  2. Gold has no protection. Means that if it’s shown, it’ll be a huge disadvantage for castleless team.


Can’t you get back to Atlas and do more invaders? Regular raid is 1/6 first gold multi, but still grindable.

Also, Atlas battle gives nothing but glory :wink:

Some form of this comes up every few moonths, though most often it’s people asking for raidable gold to be shown in matchmaking like wood and food are. Generally there’s an outcry against this, and a strong resistance from other players to changing anything except maybe giving gold some protection like wood and food.

Pretty sure gold raiding is intended and indeed necessary for those who don’t have Atlas elite. But moving gold raiding to atlas would present complications and probably a nuisance by mingling it with the existing glory system and already horrible and slow ui. Showing gold amounts in matchmaking or other pre-attack views would make it much harder to build a stash or work without a bank, critical for the weakest teams in the game.

(There is one type of gold raiding in Atlas, capturing castles to steal team gold, or to sell them for more gold.)


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