Protect the Festive Branch rewards

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Is the content of the Festive branch going to change this season?

This game is about planning, and maximizing rss. I’m not going to list all of the direct and indirect ways the Unchained Season reduced rewards… please give the community a heads up on the most anticipated branch (not for the dragon).




Supposed to be discussing on the stream today. :smiley: Hopefully we get some answers and info!

Hopefully an explanation for reducing the values of the chest rewards from the champion riders too.

I’d love to hear what BS they’d come up with and spew.

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As much as they want us all to watch the streams, tweets, twitches, tubes and books, not all of us do. The forums are their central (supposedly main) point of communication with the player base, aside from ingame mails, so it’d be nice if they also address it here.

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Festive branch structure, pricing, and rss staying the same as last season


Does that include the repeatable draconic chest node? Is it staying at x4 chests for 500 sigils with a claim cap of 150 times?

yes, same


They do. It’s usually released on the steam with Q&A; then, an official post comes here.

Great news. thank you for the feedback!

Finally a message worth giving a heart

Thank you for this info.

What’s the cost to finish the branch? Excluding repeated claims on draconic chests.

If I remember right it was 18.5k sigils the last time

18k to get the last key and shards, 18.5k to get the asc token because you have to claim the drac chests once to reach it

Nice! Thanks! :call_me_hand:

Will they tamper with the drop rates or contents at all?

Good point @SunnySkyz

The next “hidden” cost increase will be a change in the drop rates of plat, drac, and gold chests. That may be another milestone that would created a mass exodus.

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