Protecting gold

Is there a way to protect your gold in Atlas if you don’t have a castle

Train troops, and level prims
Past that, no


ok thanks

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And we wonder why new teams aren’t embracing the map :man_facepalming:


Its super annoying since we can hold tens of million of gold but can’t protect a single dime.

I had 20mm gold to go for prim training and by chance someone found my base in a normal attack sent me a PM and then raided me to zero gold.

And I guess why PG wonder why we don’t buy more atlas elite? If you pay real money for something that can be taken away then its not a great deal.


Then stop pirating :man_shrugging: and get a bank


Team bank only holds 1.6bn and is generally full :frowning:

Just frustrating that I can hold 31mm gold on myself personally and not be able to protect a dime.

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This may come as a shock but…you can take gold from the bank


Depends on the team rules mate.

Unfortunately not an option for me.

So you should be complaining to your team about not protecting your gold then, not to pg.


Your team sounds silly.

Why not just do it the other way round?

Take 20m from the bank and train your prim as soon as it comes in, then do your gold runs to pay it back. That way, you’ll never have a great amount of gold in your own account


As a team we just decided it was a good move to buy some T3s and sell off T2s.

If the guild bank was 5bn or something then that might work.

Still I don’t get why I can hold 31mm gold and protect zero.

Thats not how wood or food work.

And we get food and wood for free with no work from the player.

Gold we have to work hard for and even buy.

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I still don’t really understand the problem. I don’t know how many castles you have but “some” indicates upwards of 2 so you’re looking at at least 200m gold storage which should be plenty, if managed across a prim event, to take gold to level prim and then pay back gold.

There will always be a cap on how much gold can be stored, depending on number of castles owned and infrastructure, if you need more, get more castles.

I don’t think gold should be protected.

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He said the bank holds 1.6b I think.
If you’re team is keeping it full constantly, that’s on them. Either they should gift you some gold, or make room for you to store some :roll_eyes:


just send to yourself or ask from an officer to send you gold, lets say 30m gold in advance, than start farming your gold and send back to bank partly.
not breaking any team rule. take what you put in, put in what you take.


thats the wierd team rule i ever read

1.6bn is about 22 castles? I think you have a first world problem here.


guess OP wish came true.
gold cannot be stolen anymore.
or is it only happening to me?
i steal some gold from a player, try to build troops and it says not enough rss blah blah
than i restart, and the gold i just stole was gone

can anyone confirm this nonsense please? @PGGalileo

Submit a ticket, envy - that’ll be your best bet right now. You’ll have to wait until at least tomorrow to get a response!


Hi PG Galileo

For players without a castle, I think PG should not take Gold in the core game.
I think fewer players will quit the game…
(I think there are many players who don’t want to own a castle because they are forced to work very hard.)