Provide lock to train button

Plz provide lock button to train option so that I can avoid my ember go up from lvl 1 . I want ember in lvl 1 always .

Lock means train always in active , if we think to make train inactive there is option . May be like near to train button lock symbol .

While this could have been worded much more eloquently, it’s not a horrible idea for those that starve their dragons for the feed event. Though you have to press multiple buttons to spend the food to train them, at least 2 i think

Not a option in train , but near a train a lock , u can easily access ,

put him out of roster and you have no worry of accidental leveling up :joy:
i have no oppose to your idea, im fine with that train button

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Seems unnecessary honestly. This to me sounds like trying to make the game idiot proof. And where it is just a game, it is one complex enough that you should be able to not select dragon roster, then select the dragon you dont want to train, then not select the train dragon page, then not select train button.

But who am I to judge

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