Provide sheet to track our member's achievements



I would like to be able to see the information on how my members have been doing in events and wars. I would like to be able to copy this information or download a spreadsheet or something with the information.

You always tell us how we did in wars, but we can’t see how others did. I want to know who on my team: has the best base, is the best defender, etc. I also have a training team, so I want to be able to easily compare my players stats from both teams to see if someone needs to be moved up to the advanced team or down to the training team. I would also like some general information as well like name, level, weekly medals, etc.

Thank you,


Please add more Player Stats!

Very good idea.
Would be Nice to see trends


The information PG gives can just be raw data. I can make my own excel spreadsheet to interpret the data. I just want access to the information, please.


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