PSA - $20 gemstone pack is better value than $50 and $100 packs

PSA to those looking to spend some hard earned $$ on gemstones, the $20 pack is a better value than the more expensive packs:

  • $100 pack: 1.421 gemstones per $1 (worst value)
  • $50 pack: 1.506 gemstones per $1
  • $20 pack: 1.595 gemstones per $1 (best value)
  • $10 pack: 1.500 gemstones per $1

@DragonPunch please let us know if this is intentional. This will directly impact consumer spend and discourages the purchase of the larger packs!


Good catch, they do give more tomes in 100 dollar pack so I wonder if that is how they are justifying it. 32x5= 160 if you bought 5 -$20 where as 100 dollar pack gives you 181.

That’s a good catch. I don’t think the tomes are a big part of these packages. You only need 1 tome to craft and zero for upgrading. Most players will be better off maximizing gemstones unless extremely unlucky w rolls

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Thanks for calling this out. The team is working on correcting this. Once that’s live, please contact support and provide a screenshot of your receipt, and they’ll take care of the difference.

Update: About an hour ago, the adjustment went live for these packs. If you purchased the $50 or $100 dollar packs before 1:03 PM PT on March 9, please contact Support, they’ll correct your purchase. The $10 and $20 dollar packs are not eligible, since they don’t change.