PSA: Beware what you read on LINE


Not everything roaming around there is real or true. :wink:
Please confirm “official posts” shared there by using the Search function on our forums.


You mean you aren’t the Mother of Dragons @Pixxel?

No, seriously, I hate LINE. Too many emojis and all around childish feel to it. What’s the rumors? EggToken is slashing daily egg token payouts by half? Jared bought his third Bugatti with the proceeds from the feeding event? Inquiring minds want to know!


I think she talking about the white mage


About time we got a new mage towe…wait a second…but omg that nerfs my insert any dragon with a white spell here!!!

waits patiently for posts demanding refunds on divines…


It was a Lambo, not a Bugatti.


How 80s of you!


So no yellow mages coming out?? Thank God. That would epically suck.



Someone having a bit of fun with a ss of a normal mage before its color gets loaded lol.


You mean there’s not going to be a white cloak? :sunglasses:


Just FYI, it wasn’t me this time. I don’t impersonate people. I just do photoshop and poorly at that.


You and your ruby mine last time :roll_eyes:


Simple rule to live by, if it’s not on the official forums it’s not true


People are so ridiculous that now I’m hearing “Pixxel accidentally leaked something she shouldn’t have,” “Pixxel didn’t deny it,” and “the SS of Pixxel saying it wasn’t her could have been fake.”
It’s like they want to be upset.


She is referring to a inspected element ss that someone made of “yellow mages” that was under Pixxel’s name.


I knew nothing about white or yellow mages until reading this thread, but it wouldn’t make sense to have a mage for a passive resist or white spell block. It could make bases nearly impassable.
Besides there isn’t enough room for that many mages plus other towers. :smiley:


1000% agree. Line is a kiddie app. Period.


So this is fake?!


Not this again lol


What’s the currency used to upgrade that ruby mine? Visa, Master, Amex or kidneys?