PSA: How to do your part in retaining players 🤗

Be kind to each other. Yes, the game is called War Dragons but being mean and bullying players you don’t like leads to attrition. Thank you :hugs:


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My charming personality.

Friends don’t let friends build ballistas… or do pokemon breeding… or ask for old divines back…


Let’s make Ballistas great again :joy:

Believe no one🧐
but always be kind :innocent::+1:

Share your booze.


Our team requires one ballista on each island from all our members.


You do know retention means to keep players right?

Wait… what’s wrong with breeding Pokémon?:joy:

So does ours! Let’s merge :eyes:

Deal. You can have my officer spot. I’m so tired. :sweat_smile:

It’s a deep dark hole of a time sink that gets you marginally forward, but ultimately nowhere. Unless you’re in the mood for 4,000+ breeds for them perfect IV pokes. I absolutely love Pokemon, it’s one of my all-time favourite games, but man, I don’t recommend the breeding system unless there’s like a Pichu or something that you don’t have in your Dex yet.

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I’m a huge Pokémon fan (currently playing White 2,again) but I’m still lost. What game are you playing? Either way I now get what you talking about in regards to in-game breeding.

Any game after Gen 3 (Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald) introduced the concept of internal values (IVs), which are these unspoken potential values assigned to every pokemon and essentially dictates if they’ll grow to maximum potential. IVs can be seen much more clearly in the newer games like Let’s Go where they actually hand you a “judge” functionality to see each Pokemon’s IVs. Breeding pokemon is (I think) the only way to create a perfect IV pokemon, since it’s extremely rare that they would come naturally.

More info for context!

Gotcha! Thx! Haven’t played “Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee”, yet.

Back on topic: not ignoring the lower levels also helps in retaining members.:hugs:


Then, there is no way to get perfect IV from legendaries (Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza) :see_no_evil:

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Knowing when to help teammates out, and when to let them “figure it out themself”


It’s quite a lot easier to do now. Maybe only 20 breeds to do now and it snowballs as you can use males for other pokemon in same egg group.

This took a few hundred breeds to be fair. Has 31 attack, special attack, defense, special defense, hp, and 0 speed IVs.

Sort of. You’re guaranteed 3 perfect IVs upon catching one. The other 3 can roll any number from 0-31. I’ve gotten as many as 5 on a legend with the 6th being 29. You can also artificially enhance the IVs using these newer items but they’re hard to get and don’t pass on for breeding.

Has 31 attack, speed, and hp IVs.


“And if you hate having fun, you can spend nine hours looking for the specific Pokémon with the right EVs and IVs and eevees to use in competitive. And since you clearly like wasting time, once you beat the game, be sure to hop on board the battle funicular, and try your hand at diagonal battles. Got to get good so you can beat all the both npcs that know it.”

Edit: there aren’t enough qol updates in the world that can make me get back into Pokémon