PSA: iOS 16.0 bug (undo bar)

For those that haven’t already upgraded their iPhones to the latest iOS version (16.0) avoid doing so.

There appears to be a bug that causes the undo/copy/ paste bar to appear outside of text boxes when tapping with fingers. This bar gets in the way attempting to fly your dragons (particularly hunters).


We sacrificed one of our family member to find out. :joy: He gave his ipad to a different family member who prefers flying sorcerer and took his ipad instead.


This is why you wait until it’s properly functioning especially after beta testers test it out then figure out if it’s ready or not and somehow restore older IOS on said devices …. At least I believe there are beta testers. This situation seems rather awkward though than say troublesome crashes or software failures.


The operating system has been through beta testing already. It’s early adopters which are finding the bug now (apparently beta testers picked it up, but the vendor didn’t fix before launch)

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Never ever install anything that’s x.0 on a device you need to work. And especially not if it’s from Apple.


I had the same after the update, but you can just turn it off in Settings, Accessebility, Touch and switch off ‘undo by shaking’

That doesn’t turn off the bar which is triggered by tapping the screen in 3 spots at once, I have shake to undo turned off

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Oh darn you’re right. Sorry guys, thought i had the answer…

this was in Android too lol. i had it multiple times i almost gave up on game

Doesn’t work for me

I use nothing but IOS and have updated all and I have no issues with it working properly.

You mean: Never install anything that is X.X on a device, especially if it’s from PG.

Depends on your iOS version and the number of fingers you use when you fly hunters.


I made a post about this some time ago, but since I had the beta software and thus experienced the bug early on, respondents didn’t seem to fully understand the issue at hand. Now that it’s been officially released, I’m glad to see I’m not alone. I do agree that it is extremely frustrating.


im losing my mind over here, have not flown hunters in a while :confused:

Someone mentioned in another forum that it was fixed in 16.0.2, but it isn’t.

Apparently the latest beta of 16.1 has it fixed though

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