PSA: Merge feature is a tab in Upgrade after tapping the tower

There are a lot of people saying that only Transform is live, but Merge is too. Tap on the tower that you want to upgrade by tapping it > Upgrade > Merge tab.


Anyone notice if there is a limit to how many Total transformations a base can have? also say couple months down the road you want to change again can an already transformed tower be transformed again?

THANK YOU @forScience <3 <3 <3 !!!

No limitation on number of transformation was announced from what I saw

Thanks! I just came here to figure out how to do it. :grin:

There are also some Gifs linked in the Official Discussion Thread for Tower Transformation. I’m in the process of linking them directly into the blog itself.

Just awesome, I have so many towers in storage, made so many bad decisions early on so now my level is too high for now shortened base. This is just brilliant that my base can now catch up without my level constantly increasing. Stoked.

Useful to have for planning:

or my own at

This is easier to use as it does not require google or sheets, plus the rounding info is very handy when looking to add the smallest tower you have to merge into a flak trying to minimize rounding penalty.

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