PSA : Support can help you with KW ๐Ÿ“Œ READ


Maybe another fancy banner would be nice :joy: @forScience


I didnโ€™t get my prices in kingdom event and i have opened a ticket as mentioned in the first post in this thread to get my personal and team prices i werenโ€™t able to claim due to the event being taken Down, while i was sleeping

I have recieved this reply to my ticket from support

โ€œI understand youโ€™re writing about the Kingdom Wars Team Achievement Rewards. Just a heads-up, the team only sent the prizes to teams who got 8/8 in Team Achievements.

As for the other unclaimed prizes, please know that the team is investigating the scope of the issue to determine how or if global compensation will be applied. Unfortunately, we do not have the necessary bandwidth to offer case-by-case compensation for this specific issue, but once something has been determined, we will let everyone know via in-game mail.

We apologize again for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Should you have any questions, or clarifications, just let us know.โ€

So Can soneone please tell me what Iโ€™m doing wrong? if support should be helping me and others with getting our missing personal and team prices