Public opinion on Atlas

@PGDave I’m a little confused. People were complaining about Atlas when it came out and were threatening to quit the game over it. Now it’s down for a short time and all the chats I’m in are asking about when it will be back up.

I guess you’re doing something right, Dave. Btw, I do appreciate the fact that you seem to be willing to listen to players and make compromises for the betterment of the game. Thank you.


They are asking because of the resources that are tied up in their Atlas banks and the fact that they decided to enter maintenance mode right after starting the next Atlas event… You made quite a leap there, about it being talked about in chat as a positive.

People are most vocal when upset. It’s not necessarily the same people switching views. But sometimes it is :laughing:

I still hate Atlas with a passion lol but I appreciate Dave’s willingness to discuss and make changes with the players

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Can we flag this post as unnecessary ass kissing?


Eh? Ten characters

It’s a little early for April Fools jokes…

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