Public Service Announcement: Please remove your inner fire spells 🔥

Hi ya’ll,

Please check your dragons and remove their inner fire spells. I’ve seen low level players and up to +300s with spells still equipped outside of event raids. Make it a habit to unequip the IF after finishing up your energy. :+1:t3:


They don’t add 50% attack power? :scream:

I thought it was +50% HP? But yeah, no use outside of events either way. :t_rex:

Figured they gave more rss :scream:

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Only one use. Replacing one healing potion if no damage is received.
However, one healing potions are too cheap to be replaced with innerfire.
(I’ll trade one IF for 100 Healing Potions :grin:)

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Aww come on. I just sent my third mail to some raider about them having their IF equipped. It’s weirdness that they haven’t noticed that it’s still there. Imagine all the spells they wasted since the event ended. :woman_facepalming:

some people might not even know what an IF does, and then will waste them, I had 1 guy in my prev team not know what it was and used it thinking it was an attack boost, so had to explain it to her/him/her

I think you should make one of these threads after every PvP event


Resisting the urge to waste an IF on his base


Why tell them? Let them waste their points. If they are too lazy to learn how spells work, much less pay attention to what spells are equipped on their dragons before attacking, let them waste them.

If anything, everyone in this thread should be mad at you, as those are points you are saving players, points that could potentially be used against these same players… /sarcasm

I think you’re a nice person :sunglasses:


I can trade IF with you. I need 1000 heal pots. I will hunt 10 IF for you

Lol yeah 100 heals is :100: way better than 1 IF

Bump :dromedary_camel: da bump bump :camel:

See what I did there? :sunglasses:


Well, I’m new and maybe an idiot when it comes to spells…ok I AM an idiot when it comes to spells but what is IF used for? I know the event it over but I do still have two spells left and don’t know how to properly apply it - to whom, and for what?

You don’t use them except in pvp events to boost your score on that attack

I’m told that if you equip an inner fire on your Hauheset outside of a PVP event, it reverts the nerf and makes him as dope as Kinnaurus.

Not sure I believe such a bold claim! Can anyone in low P3 but not on my team confirm this 200 times?


Strange that it only works if you’re in P3 :thinking:

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It only works if I’m competing against you next week. If it doesn’t work at first, it’s probably best to keep using inner fires in case it suddenly makes your Hau mighty!

Ahh, but a competitor today might be a matey tomorrow. :hugs:

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