Pull sigil chest or not?

Super conflicted. Level 45 F2P player. Have around 75 k rubies and 270 sigils.

Need to redeem for 6 k tokens, 3750 ember, and the harbinger stone. My anal retentive side is telling me to finish the line. My head is telling me a potential 3 sets of sigil chests isn’t worth it considering I am 2 years away from harbinger but what do you think?

Don’t do it! Your head is right. Spend the sigils on the gold chest at the start of two untouched branches; it’ll help you more.

Also, 2 years is optimistic for harbinger. :laughing:

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2 years lol. I give into my OCD, but it’s not logical. as a F2P you’re way farther away from harbinger than 2 years. I’m lvl 130 and I’m way more than 2 years away (but I still got harbinger stone for fom). It’s ultimately up to you. I would be mad at myself if in 12 years I’m still playing and am in Harbinger and didn’t have the stone, but logic tells me don’t do it.

What will make you sleep better at night? that’s the real question

Yeah 2 years was a number I pulled out of my head. I know it’s definitely years away which is ridiculous when you think about how that bodes ill for the long term health of the player base.

But yeah, my ocd side has definitely made me do stupid things (like spend too much time in this game) so I might need to listen to my logical side for once haha.

Two years will probably see you to garnet or emerald depending on your dedication and what team you end up on. Maybe you’ll even crack obsidian. I’ve been playing a bit more than 2 years (Plat team for nearly all of it) and am going to be starting my first emerald dragon this event. Then again I’m E2P and you said you were F2P. I wish you luck :blush:

Damn Liz. I thought I caught you but apparently not! :joy:

Getting Ursa and part of Icicle this week.

I’m finishing A&A and starting on Deci :slight_smile:

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At level 45, assuming you’ve only been playing for around a season or two, getting the discount dragon this season would make more sense, and those rubies would help a lot towards that. Even if it’s not the best dragon possilble, it’s still better than most lineage dragons, and all the cheap goodies on the line help more towards progress than a harbinger stone that you won’t be using for a long, long time.

Lv 45 with 75k rubies… Are you really a F2P?

I have…a lot of egg tokens too lol. I think most of them came from events and I haven’t used them at all.

I’m curious of when you started playing…
Back to topic, I think Harb is too far away…
Might be 3 years…

Well…I started in tail end of summer 2017 I think. But didn’t really think much of it. I don’t think I picked back up until winter and I was in mid 20ish then. Then I found out this game has a collect them all component and that was exciting to me lol.

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Thanks for all the replies. It definitely helps to listen to someone besides me inner ocd voice lol. I will leave Aibrean as is and hopefully it won’t come back to haunt me lol.

I had 75 tokens that i needed to get the next prize of elemental embers and thought… I will invest in a sigil chest. I spent 1000 rubies and received the”epic” pull of 25 sigils. After swearing, I opened a single gold chest and got 125 sigils. In answer to your question… I don’t think I would try to finish the line. There will be better dragons and chances are that if you do get the harbringer stone that the dragon will be nerfed by the time you could actually use it and will no longer be your “go to” dragon.

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