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I am noticing that shots fired will sometimes do no damage to a tower. I am also having alot of problems getting the crosshairs to lock on. Anubis is especially buggy. His spells hang between swiping and tapping. It feels like there is some sort of disconnect between his firing and spells.

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While not belittling the issues with sorcerer targeting, this problem with Anubis was already identified as soon as its spell set came out. It is such a badly designed dragon. Another lesson in not going for the latest shiny new thing until you’ve done your research.

Well true…but they dangle unexpected carrots…like Kirin…built it up to look amazing and so yep. I went for the carrot. So is it forever a crap dragon or is he on a list? Kinnarus is buggy now too. They must have messed with something.

Kirin is actually a viable lead. But it’s role is limited. Take out rage drain, double stack war cry then swap out.

So I am wondering if this targeting and hanging issue with sorcerers is happening to anyone else. I submitted a ticket as well.

As far as I can tell the sorcerers main attack is really buggy. It used to be easy swiping away all the monuments now it’s a rare event I can get them all due to it not swiping when I swipe

When it locks on and doesn’t do damage does it still fire a shot? Sometimes it locks on when I’m hitting something at the bottom of the screen (using something to build rage for example) and while it looks like I have plenty of space to fire a shot it locks on and doesn’t. And yes I for sure know sorcerers can’t pull that off like hunters can, I don’t mean when a tower is leaving the screen I mean when it’s just at the bottom (def doesn’t always happen by any means though)

Yes. I see a red cross hair and shots headed toward it. The health meter falls to about half and then freezes there. And yes, great observation, it happens in the bottom half of the screen.

If you accidentally swipe off the screen during part of your circular motion, it stops working also - so be careful when swiping close to the edges.

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I have a few carrots that turned out to be a big ole pile of steaming :poop: . Think we all do.

The issues I have with targeting seem to be me to be honest. If I swipe faster than it can acquire in particular.

I have this is issue with Anuba after I use sand it doesn’t go back to “lock on target” it’s a mess. I hate using her. That is why she has been perched

Anuba is a huge disappointment. I have tried fast & slow and also tapping. It just doesn’t fire and target right and that weird pause where it does nothing is fatal. I hope they look at it. At least make it a little viable. All sorcerers have that pause but not as severe.


So trur! I hought it was me. I only got it in my alt because I started it at the end of last season so it was perfect for my situation to get me going until I hit orange tier but Anuba was rough. I’ve never flown a dragon with that type of pause. Thank god I got Leo and I was able to Perch Anuba.

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