Purchase options Android

I have two different accounts. One on android and one on IOS.

This is what I see for purchase options on Android…PG says it just the luck of the draw.

Hahaha. Right…

It resets every 20 minutes and it allows you to gift. You would think they would try to fix it but nope just keep telling me this is normal.

If you haven’t already done a hard restart (closing in the app switcher & relaunching), try that first. If that still doesn’t work, make sure that you have a pocketID set up & remember the info, then reinstall.

I had EXACTLY the same issue on iOS. I was mostly upset the $99 pack had only 17k Rubys and not 27k…

I was advised to log out of the game, uninstall, reinstall and logon again and it did fix my problem

On android you might be able to get away with logout and clear cache. (Maybe just clearing the cache)

It’s weird because it seems like those chests aren’t in there on accident. You may need to put in a ticket with PG.

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Thanks I cleared data and it fixed the problem

You might want to edit your message @KrazyNinja
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Thanks. I thought I was responding to an email. Lol. Sorry about that.

You replied via e-mail so your signature popped up, I flagged your post when I saw it hours ago so PG could remove your info. I’m going to make a post warning about this now.

I thought about flagging it too but I thought he was still online and ready to edit since he posted less than 2 minutes before I reply.

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